How Long Does a Water Filter Last? | When to Replace Your Water Filter

Unsure how often your Everpure water filter cartridge needs changing? The answer lies in the flow rate out of your faucet. That is the simplest barometer. The most important thing to know is that regardless of the flow of the water coming out of your Everpure filter, the quality is exactly the same.

How long does a water filter last?

The life of a filter is site specific.  How long it lasts depends on three variables; incoming water pressure, water quality and water consumption.  And because water quality is constantly changing, that timeframe can be a moving target.  What was once an annual filter change could easily change to 9 or 10 months, especially after heavy rains, flooding or winter thaw.

This is why it is a good idea to always have a new filter cartridge on hand, just in case that timeframe changes unexpectedly. Getting your replacement schedule right keeps your family protected, especially in cities like Los Angeles where water quality isn’t always as good as you expect.

The quality of water really determines how long your filter lasts.

​If you’re in California, chances are your water comes from the Colorado River basin. That means it contains about an average amount of sediment, according to the California State Water Resources Control Board. As sediment builds up in the filter, the flow rate slows down.

Replacing Your Water Filter is Easy

When you determine it is time to install a new cartridge, you will be able to accomplish this easily in a few simple steps:

  • First, turn off your water using the built-in shut off valve in the filter head, and relieve any remaining line pressure by opening up the faucet. If you have turned the water off properly, no water should run out.
  • Hold the filter head securely, rotate the cartridge to the left.
  • Once rotation stops, remove cartridge from the head. (You may need to make a slight reverse turn to the right ever so slightly here). If the filter has been in for a while, you might need to jiggle it a bit just to loosen it.
  • Remove the cellophane and protective cap on the new cartridge. Line up the ‘lug’ or indent near the top of the cartridge, with the label on the filter head. (There are two lugs on every cartridge, either one will do). If you run your finger along the filter head, where the label is, you should feel an indent. This is where you line up the lug on the cartridge. Line these two up and push the cartridge up into the head until you feel the O-ring seat. Turn the cartridge all the way to the right until you feel it stop.
  • Open up the faucet (in order to let the air escape). Turn the water supply back on slowly, using the built-in shut off valve on the filter head. Run water through to flush the cartridge for a minute or so.  If the water appears cloudy, it’s just trapped air bubbles. This will clear.

Have a question about water filtration?  Please connect with us, we are at your service.

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