How to Filter Chromium-6 from Drinking Water

More than 200 million Americans drink tap water tainted by chromium-6


The chemical is present in different concentrations across the country, but as many as 2/3 of the country is ingesting it to some degree every day. Children and older family members are most susceptible to the cancer causing effects, but nobody is immune.

If you want to be sure the cancer causing chemical is removed from the water your family drinks, reverse osmosis water filtration works:

  • ROM II Everpure reverse osmosis filter that completely removes chromium-6 and other common water contaminants, like lead, copper and more.
  • ROM III A more refined system than the ROM II, with added levels of protection against volatile organic chemicals.

Want to know more about this chemical?

Why is it in the water?

Chromium-6 is in the water supply across the United States because it’s useful in manufacturing. And manufacturing happens everywhere.

If your state has:

  • Textile manufacturing.
  • Wood products (wood preservatives).
  • Steel production.
  • Electroplating.

Or many other industrial manufacturing processes, chances are the waste stream has leeched chromium-6 into the water supply.

But isn’t it monitored and regulated?

​Sure, but not nearly closely enough.

Chromium-6 is the most toxic member of the family of chromiums, but it’s grouped together with the non-toxic family members by the EPA. It’s OK to consume other forms of chromium in small concentrations, but any amount of chromium-6 is toxic.

California, the most progressive state on chromium-6 regulation, recommends a chromium-6 level 10,000 times lower than current EPA regulations for total chromium. This is where the 2/3 stat comes from. 2/3 of Americans’ water has levels above this.

Even though the Erin Brockovich case began more than 25 years ago, regulations are still lacking across the country.

What else do I need to know?

  • Boiling your water doesn’t kill chromium-6.
  • Flushing your pipes doesn’t remove chromium-6 from your drinking water.
  • Standard charcoal water pitcher filters do not remove chromium-6 from the water.
  • The most effective means or filtering out the chromium-6 from your water supply is a high-end reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Your filters should be replaced about every year to make sure they are equipped to cut the chromium-6 in your water supply down to California-recommended levels.


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