You Won't Believe Where Your Bottled Water Comes From!

The U.S state which is one of the biggest producers of bottled water is the last state you might expect to be a primary source.

Where bottled water really comes from

Many people probably have the blissful misconception that their bottled water originates from some fresh, pure, cold mountain stream, splashing its way down the hillside directly into plastic bottles which eventually find their way into supermarkets. The truth is, almost none of the bottled water Americans are so enraptured by comes from a source anywhere near as picturesque or appealing as that.

It is true that about 55% of bottled water is classified as spring water, but the other 45% is ordinary tap water which has simply been treated by the bottling company. Much of the water from both of these sources originates from California, which may be the most drought-ridden state in the country, and has been for several years. This may all sound a little bit crazy, but it is true nonetheless.

Why California?

The reason much of the water comes from California has nothing to do with any special purity of the water there, and it certainly is not because of any superabundance of water suitable for bottling. It has much more to do with the fact that several of the country's biggest sellers of bottled water have been located in California for a very long time, which means their residence in the state pre-dates the droughts of recent times.

Next, California is the only Western state which has no governmental management of groundwater usage, which means there is no regulation at all on groundwater. In effect, any company drilling into the California ground surface and finding water is free to take possession of the water and put it to any use they choose. While the bottled water companies in California cannot be said to be draining the state of its water - more than 80% of the state's water is actually earmarked for the agriculture industry - the driest state in the Union still seems an odd choice as the source for much of the bottled water industry.

Oddly enough, almost all American water is more closely monitored and regulated than California groundwater. While it seemingly makes no sense to continue extracting water from a state in desperate need of it, the consumer demand for bottled water is insatiable, and apparently that demand trumps all else.

A better choice

Most Americans continue to purchase bottled water in amazing quantities - 10 billion gallons in 2012 alone - because they believe that what they're drinking is more pure and fresh than water available from any other source except the illusory mountain spring. In truth, the bottled water industry leaves a very negative footprint on the environment, and there are no advantages provided by drinking bottled water that cannot be similarly obtained right from your faucet, especially if your tap water is filtered.

Consumers wishing to obtain a pure source of drinking water for their household and family members would be far better off installing an environmentally friendly Everpure water filter to gain all the advantages they think are being provided by the cases of bottled water purchased weekly at the supermarket. Water filtered in this way is as pure as drinking water can be, and it constitutes the most environmentally friendly approach to securing that water as well. These filters are easy to buy, easy to install, and they are simply a better choice for pure water than any other water source.

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