Everpure PBS400 'Direct Plumb' Water Filter System - EV927085-Efilters.net

Everpure PBS400 'Direct Plumb' Water Filter System - EV927085

Our newest addition to the Everpure family of drinking water systems.  The PBS400 is a direct-plumb system that is installed directly to the cold water line of your existing faucet. 

No need to install a dedicated faucet and you get 2.2 gallons per minute of flow rate with Lead Reduction.

  • Equivalent to 22,720 x 500 ml bottles
Here is a link to the replacement cartridge for this system


      • Flow rate: 2.2 gpm
      • Capacity: 3000 gallons
      • Required space: 5” w x 20’ h x 5” d
      • NSF/ANSI Certified Standard 42 & 53

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