5 Crazy Water Myths Debunked

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You know nothing about water, Jon Snow. Let’s debunk 5 common, crazy water myths so you aren’t stuck believing old wives’ tales.

Debunking 5 crazy water myths.

Water covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and makes up as much as 60% of the human adult body.

We should know more about water than we do. Most of us take a few common water falsehoods as fact. We want to get the facts straight.

You don’t have to drink exactly 8 glasses of water every day.

The water an average person consumes in a day doesn’t come exclusively from the tap. We get water from:

  • Fruits.
  • Veggies.
  • Coffee.
  • Milk.
  • Soup.
  • Cheese.

…and a lot more. The idea that everyone needs precisely 8 glasses of water is a fallacy. You just need to keep your body comfortably hydrated, and the water required is different for every person.

If your pee is clear, you’re hydrated. Use that, rather than a cup-of-water-counter to gauge your hydration.

Water doesn’t help your weight loss goals the way you think it does.

All kinds of diet plans increase the volume of water you drink, claiming water is an appetite suppressant.

It isn’t.

Water only helps you lose weight in a sort of indirect way. Take all those sugary drinks and dump them down the drain. Replace them with water and you’ll see a reduction in overall calorie intake. That will contribute to weight loss. But the water itself doesn’t cause the weight loss. The elimination of sugary drinks does.

You can’t flush your body of toxins by drinking large quantities of water.

Your body isn’t a dirty pair of jeans.

Whether you drink a lot of water or a little, your body expels the same stuff every time you urinate. Stuff only leaves when your body is done with it. If you drink loads of water, your body will expel that water with more frequent urination. It won’t clean out mysterious toxins.

Drink more water for a glowing complexion? Not really.

Stay hydrated and your complexion will look how it looks.

Drinking water to excess doesn’t force your body to divert more water to the skin on your face, and it doesn’t result in any sort of smoothing or de-ageing.

The water you drink goes all over your body. It ends up in your blood, your lungs and even your bones. Bones are around 30-35% water, after all.

Any extra water gets kicked out, because your body knows when it has the right amount to get the job done.

Bottled water is not the safest drinking water

Bottled water is, at best, exactly as safe as your tap water.

At best.

Bottled water is often taken straight from the municipal water supply. A company pays for access, bottles it up and sells it back to you.

Sometimes the water comes from other sources, which are less stringently monitored than your tap water.

If water quality concerns you, purchase a simple residential water filtration system (like the popular H300) and install it yourself at home.

You can filter out all the chemicals your water utility uses to keep the water clean and drink nothing but the minerals your body needs.

You can place an order online or contact us with your questions today.


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