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How Everpure Works

*Chlorinated raw city water (ordinary water) or rough filtered well water enters the filter cartridge through the inlet tube. It flows through the MICRO-PURE coat on the filter element, giving up its foreign particles, tastes and odors. The filtered water then reaches the outlet as clear, bright, taste-free, odor-free water (premium quality) for drinking, making fantastic coffee, and cooking delicious meals.

Unique Pre-coat Filter Design

​Most Everpure water filters are compact, point-of-use filters that used the pre-coat filtration method generally employed in large complicated industrial applications where premium quality water is necessary at any cost. Everpure pre-coat filters provide this same premium quality water at reasonable cost with great convenience. MICRO-PURE, the unique filtering material used in Everpure pre-coat filters, is a proprietary blend of activated carbon and other food-grade water treating materials. It is hydraulically deposited on a filter element at the time of initial use and is the active filtering media.

Large Capacity to Remove Tastes and Odors

A filter's ability to physically remove turbidity and suspended matter from water differs greatly from its ability to remove tastes and odors, which usually exist in dissolved form. Most common filters are capable of only one or the other of these functions, while Everpure has uniquely combined both in the same filter.

Extremely small particles of activated carbon are part of the proprietary MICRO-PURE filtering media in Everpure pre-coat filters. This activated carbon removes the off-tastes and odors in a physio-chemical process called adsorption. The process of adsorption is the collecting of dissolved organic molecules on the internal and external surface areas of an adsorptive material

The total amount of surface area available on and within an activated carbon particle determines a filter's capacity to remove off-tastes and odors. Carbon particles are honey-combed and, in a microscopic way, tend to resemble a sponge. The total surface area determines the total ability to adsorb tastes and odor molecules. When carbon granules, which are relatively large, are used in a filter, impurities must migrate deeply into the particle. The smaller the carbon particle, the more accessible are its internal surface areas and therefore, the more efficient it is at adsorption.

Given two filters, each with the same weight of activated carbon, but different particle sizes, the one with the smaller particles will be more efficient at removing tastes and odors. Everpure's MICRO-PURE filtering media is microscopically fine, providing a large total surface area that is easily accessible to the water flowing through the filter. Consequently, it is extremely efficient at adsorbing tastes and odors.

Large Filtering Area...Small Pure Size

The ability of a filter to take turbidity out of water is more a physical removal function than one of chemical adsorption. This physical filtration depends primarily upon two important factors: the size of the pores (or holes) through which the water must pass, and the total mount of filtering area available.

Pore size is important because it determines the size of the impurities that will be physically prevented from passing through the filter. When the MICRO-PURE filtering media is hydraulically deposited on the filter support, it forms a filter cake with a microscopically fine surface. The pore size of this cake is so small that the Everpure filter removes impurities as tiny as 0.5 micron (1/50,000 of an inch). This small pore size is necessary to produce crystal clear water and to remove particulate industrial wastes such as asbestos fibers.

A large surface area is essential when a filter's pore size is so small. Only a large surface area can provide an adequate rate of flow and acceptable filtration capacity. The droplets of water flowing through the small pores in the Everpure filter cake have a mist-like quality, allowing an extremely low velocity through each pore. This combined with the large filter area designed into each Everpure filter, produces excellent dirt removal capacity.

Everpure Filters Do Not Secretly Fail

The Everpure pre-coat design uses a balanced pressure principle that allows water to flow through both sides of the filter element and then along a non-compressible drainage grid sandwiched in between. When the water pressure suddenly changes, as with water hammer, equal pressure is exerted on both sides of the grid. Because the grid is rigid and will not flex or compress, the MICRO-PURE cake is not disturbed. Other filters use a relatively flexible support design that can be distorted by a change in water pressure, allowing the collected dirt and impurities to migrate through. This failure is called channeling, dumping, or unloading, and it can occur at any time. The special Everpure balanced pressure design prevents this from occurring.

A very important feature of the Everpure filter is that the clarity of the water it produces remains uniform throughout the filter's life. As the filter actively removes impurities from the water, its microscopically small pores slowly fill up...and the amount of water the filter yields gradually becomes less and less. When the flow of water from the filter becomes too slow for convenience, the filter cartridge can be replaced.

The design of the Everpure pressure vessel incorporates protection against bursting due to water pressure. The vessel is designed to operate at pressures up to 125 psi (pounds per square inch) (8-6 bar). but can withstand hydrostatic test pressures of up to 400 psi (28 bar).

To put it simply, nothing comes between the impurities and chemicals in your water and your family better than Everpure water filters.

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