Everpure Water Filtration: The Most Trusted for the Food Service Industry

Thousands of businesses in the service sector trust Everpure water filtration as the only restaurant water filtration system they need. If you’ve had a coffee at Starbucks, a Coke at McDonalds or soup at Outback Steakhouse, you've benefitted from the quality of Everpure’s water filtration system. Everpure is the overwhelming choice for restaurant water filtration systems and is found in more restaurants and convenience stores than any other brand.

Why Is Everpure So Trusted?

A few important pieces of information:

  • - Ice is 100% water.
  • - Coffee is 99% water.
  • - Fountain beverages are 83% water.
  • - Soups and sauces can be as much as 80% water.

Using high quality, filtered water gives better tasting results, and ensures the best possible functioning of food service systems, such as coffee makers or beverage fountains.

Leading Technology Easily Satisfies Water Safety Standards

In Canada and the U.S., water safety standards for the food service sector are high. With a massive throughput of water on a daily basis, businesses in the sector need to know they will face as little downtime for maintenance, unexpected breakage or unexplained drop in water quality as possible.

No other restaurant water filtration system comes close to the performance Everpure filtration systems provide. Its exclusive precoat technology provides absolute filtration with the largest filtering surface area in the businesses (600 per cent larger than competitors with the same footprint). Add to that an amazingly long filter life, submicron contaminant removal, cyst protection, disciplined protection against undetectable failures such as channeling and dumping, and certification to the highest standards under NSF Standards 42 and 53.

Only Genuine Everpure Products Offer Everpure Benefits

A quick search on Google turns up many made to fit alternative replacement cartridges for Everpure water filtration systems. These counterfeit products claim to match the performance of genuine Everpure replacements, and may even fit within the existing system framework. However, these counterfeits do not adhere to NSF standards and have never undergone certification testing.

By using these, you void the warranty of your Everpure system, lose the long life and trustworthiness that comes with our engineered products, and risk leaks and ruptures of the filter cartridge. Saving a few dollars on a cartridge could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

All orders through receive free shipping if over $200. Bulk orders also receive special pricing. Order your food service filtration systems today, and get your replacement cartridges in the same place!

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