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Everpure H1200 Cartridge kit - 2 pack - EV928201

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Promo pack of 2 x sets of cartridges, for a total of 4

Replacement water filter cartridges, used in the H1200 drinking water system.

This cartridge set is unique to the H-1200 drinking water system.  They should be changed at the same time. 

When to change the water filter:

All Everpure residential systems and cartridges include a Time strip filter monitor to remind you when it's time to replace the cartridge.  This reminder is set for 11 months. This is based on the assumption that your filters should last 12 months.  Having said that, you can easily get longer life, if you don't use the filter that often, or shorter life if you use it a lot.  Filter life is specific and unique to your consumption and water quality. You will know when it is time when the flow rate slows down to the point of being inconvenient. 

Remember to buy only genuine Everpure replacement cartridges to maintain your warranty. Better yet, join our free lifetime warranty program

Please note: these cartridges are specifically for the H1200 system. If you have a ProSeries head, please use the ProSeries 1500/2500/3500 cartridges.


    • Capacity: 1,000 gallons     
    • Flow Rate: 1/2 gallon per minute
    • Micron Rating: 0.50 microns
    • Certifications: NSF Standard 42 & 53
    • Cartridge Size: 20 inches*

    *Note: Cartridge length includes an additional 3" inches required for cartridge removal

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