Everpure H54 Replacement Cartridge (1 pk) - EV925268

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Brand: Everpure
Product Code: H-54 Everpure Replacement Cartridge
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Everpure H54 Replacement Cartridge (1 pk) - EV925268

Everpure H54 Water Filters Offer Protection from the Most Common Contaminants

The entry-level Everpure H54 water filter offers great protection from some of the more common water contaminants, including:

  • - Lead, which the filter reduces to below the Federal Activation Level of 15 parts per billion
  • - Cysts such as Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica and Cryptosporidium parvum

The system also reduces:

  • - Oxidized iron
  • - Oxidized manganese
  • - Oxidized sulfides
  • - Particles one half micron and larger in size
  • - Chlorine taste and odour
  • - Dirt and cloudiness
  • - Mould and algae


Installs and Replaces Easily

All Everpure water filtration systems install with a minimal footprint, allowing them to be used in even the smallest under-sink spaces. The H54 replacement cartridge measures only a little over 10 inches in length, but still offers a massive 750 gallon capacity. It can also be directly linked to any in home appliances that use your tap system, like the coffee maker or dish washer.

Safety Is at the Forefront of Our Business

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​Time Tested Quality of Service

For 25 years, efilters.net has offered unbeatable prices on some of the most revolutionary and effective water filtration products. Today, we are one of the few authorized resellers of genuine Everpure water filters. Only authorized resellers can display the Everpure badge on their website. If you can find a lower price advertised by an authorized reseller of Everpure products, we’ll match it or better.

The H-54 cartridge features: 
* A 1/2 gallon per minute flow rate
* A 750 gallon capacity
* Cartridge length - 10¼" 

Use as a replacement for H-50, S-50 & S-51 Cartridges 

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