Everpure EF3000 System EV985700

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Premium quality water for drinking & cooking

Kitchen - Prep Sink - Wet Bar - Ice Maker - Bathroom - Coffee Maker
Bottled Water Equivalent - 22,721 x 500 ml. (16.9 oz.) bottles

Replacement Cartridge - EF3000 Cartridge EV9857-50

The ultimate in convenience of great tasting water, at your fingertips, for pennies a day. The EF3000 offers a direct plumbing option to your existing kitchen faucet or any other faucet in your home.

No longer do you need to drill your counter top and install a dedicated faucet.  This saves time and money and provides a much cleaner look on your counter top or kitchen island.  It also means that you can install this system anytime; it's a simple and quick retrofit onto your cold water line under your kitchen sink. You do not need to call a plumber, you can do this!  If you do choose to use an installer, a handyman will do. In less than 30 minutes, you'll be enjoying and cooking with awesome water.

Cost of Ownership:

Let's say that a 500 ml. bottle costs just 10 cents a bottle, and this system is the equivalent of 22,271 bottles, that's equal to spending $2,272.10 on bottled water (22,721 x 10 cents) as compared to $175.00 for this system.  And that's just for the first year.  In the second year, the replacement cartridge cost just $79.00.

Let's do the math - this system is rated for 3,000 gallons:

  • Cost of ownership for the first year is $175.00 divided by 3000 = 0.058 cents a gallon. 
  • Every year after is $79.00 divided by 3000 = 0.026 cents a gallon.
  • Please also consider the EF-6000 system for even greater capacity

A drinking water system is an environmentally responsible purchase. You are doing your part to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans and landfills. It's also an important gift to yourself.  This system removes a lot of contaminants in water, which may or may not be present in your water.  But one undeniable fact is that your water most likely contains chlorine.   

Chlorine is a carcinogen and while you might just be ingesting a small amount of it in unfiltered tap water, on a daily basis, it eventually adds up.  What are the two things that we all universally consume?  Air and Water. While we might have a hard time improving the air we breathe, we can do something about the water we drink.

Installation: In less than 30 minutes, you can be enjoying great tasting water.  You do not need a plumber to install this; you can do it.  If you do choose to use a service provider, a handyman will suffice. All the water coming out of your cold water line, on your existing kitchen faucet, will now be filtered.  Talk about convenience!

NSF Certification:

This drinking water system is third party tested and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for Std. 42 & 53. Standard 53 is the most important as it certifies for the removal of parasitic cysts, such as Cryptosporidium, and Lead.  Read more about NSF.

NSF Certified Performance Claims:

  • Lead
  • Parasitic cysts
  • Chlorine off taste and odors
  • Particulate down to 1/50,000th of an inch
  • Scale reduction in kettles and coffee makers


System Upgradeability & Flexibility:

With an Everpure Quick-Change Filter Head, you have a lot of options as to which replacement cartridge you want to use going forward.  You do not need to stay with the same cartridge that came with the original system; we have lots of options for you.  Read more about this versatility.


  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2.2 gallons per minute
  • Capacity: 3,000 gallons
  • Micron Rating: 0.5 microns
  • Certifications: NSF Standard 42 & 53

    Specs Sheets:

    How often does the filter need changed?:

    Because this is such a super high capacity system, it's hard to say.  Depending on how much you use it and the water quality coming in to your home, you will easily get one-year filter life, but you could get two.  When the flow becomes too slow, is when you will want to change the filter.

    What matters most is knowing that regardless of the water quality going into the water filter, the quality coming out will always be the same.  This is the promise that Everpure delivers on and that is why it is so important to only buy a water filter that is third party tested and certified by NSF. Without NSF, the manufacturer can make whatever claims they want.

    Our Guarantee:

    Your satisfaction, with our products and service, is of paramount importance to us. If you have any issues whatsoever, please send us an email or better yet, hop on our Live Chat. We will take care of you. Thank you.

    Here is a link to learn more about warranty & returns.