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Food service facilities and operators recognize Everpure filters and water filters for their high quality. This brand is trusted among the food service industry to deliver the kind of water needed for their processes, guaranteeing customers’ safety and satisfaction. Restaurants, too, can offer better-tasting coffee and cocktails using our Everpure water filter cartridges as part of their purification system.

More than that, chefs appreciate special Everpure products that make their job easier. An instant water chiller gives ice-cold fluid on demand; the Everpure hot water dispenser offers an instant mug of tea, coffee, or other piping hot beverage. It shortens cooking times for soup, pasta, oatmeal, quinoa, and other delectable dishes, saving room on the stovetop.


Filtration systems also benefit homes and residences. Families who desire better tasting water from the tap, free from impurities, trust Efilters to get them the home filtration system they need. Our systems are compact and can fit directly underneath the kitchen sink, offering the best water for your cooking and drinking needs. Add one of our stainless steel faucets to add a touch of class to your food preparation area.

Other systems use plastic. Ours are aluminum. Everpure offers greater filtering power, removing chlorine and particulates from the city water in your pipes. Keep asbestos and lead out of your family’s drinking water with easy-to-change cartridges and Everpure water filters.


Some of the top companies in the country rely on our excellent systems to provide the best water they can to employees. They recognize that the health of their staff is paramount, and reduces downtime and sick days. Water filters are an excellent investment.

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