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Water filtration tailored to the healthcare industry's specific needs.

Being able to offer clean water is essential for healthcare practices. Drinking water that is safe to consume is generally taken for granted, yet poor water quality can be detrimental to one's health. Obviously this means that healthcare institutions need to take their water quality seriously. Using a filter system to eliminate possibly dangerous impurities from your water is a great way to take control of your water quality.

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We know the importance of water quality and that is why we are dedicated to assisting
healthcare businesses in finding the best filtration options. We understand that every
organization has specific requirements, which is why we have a large inventory of water filtration solutions on hand.

Obviously patients are going to need water, whether it's for hydration or just to take some medication. Drinking plenty of fluids is also one of the most common pieces of medical advice that professionals give. Offering clean water and ice will provide some extra peace of mind when it comes to taking care of patients.

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Features and benefits of our products

All of the Everpure filtration systems we offer are designed not only to remove harmful contaminants, but also to aid in the prevention of common problems such as clogging and scale buildup. The cartridges in these filtration systems are also extremely easy to replace, making them a great way to increase water quality without the need for constant maintenance.

One of the biggest benefits of Everpure Healthcare systems are their NSF certifications. The NSF certifications on these cartridges means that they have been tested by the National Sanitation Foundation to remove various types of contaminants from your water. NSF is an independent third-party certification organization that sets various standards for consumer and commercial products. They are accredited to perform tests and certify products to verify they meet various health and safety standards. These standards are designed to ensure quality and offer healthcare providers peace of mind, as NSF certifications are globally recognized.

In addition to having the right NSF certifications, healthcare providers have to consider other product standards. ASHRAE, or the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, created the ASHRAE Standard 188 as a way for hospitals to prevent the introduction and spread of Legionellosis in their facilities.

Our ice machine filtration systems are designed to meet this standard in order to prevent both the health risk to patients and the administrative costs that can accompany a Legionnaires outbreak. This is achieved using a proprietary filtration media that can remove potentially harmful contaminants like parasitic cysts while still allowing municipal chlorine to remain in the water and combat the growth of bacteria.

When it comes to selecting the best filtration system to meet your needs, there are a few factors to consider. As previously stated, NSF ratings define what filters are capable of in terms of contaminants that they can remove, making them a great starting point for narrowing down what filtration systems you can use. If you need a filtration system for specific applications like for use with ice machines or other appliances, we can help you find the perfect option.

Our commitment to our customers distinguishes us from many other filtration companies. If you have any problems with the products you ordered, our team is always available to assist you. Do you need to make sure that your new filtration system will meet certain standards? Contact our filtration experts and we will assist you in determining the best solution for your company.

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If you have any questions about the specific filtration requirements of your company, please contact a member of our team. We are always eager to put our industry experience to work for our valued clients.

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