14 Interesting (and Some Surprising) Advantages of Using an Everpure Water Filter System

Everpure Water Filter System

Kicking around the idea of getting an Everpure water filter system for your home, or a commercial water filtration system for your food service business?

Not only are you not alone, but there are also tons of good reasons to do so. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

1. Say goodbye to chloramines (and chlorine)

Companies often use chlorine to treat municipal water because it inhibits the growth of microbes. However, consuming large quantities of chlorine can have negative health effects.

Moreover, when chlorine breaks down in the water, it produces compounds known as chloramines, which are what you’re actually smelling in that classic “chlorine smell.”

Many water filter systems are highly effective at removing both chlorine and chloramines.

2. Lay off the limescale

Limescale doesn’t just leave unsightly deposits on your dishes, dish rags, and glassware. If it accumulates in icemakers, coffee machines, and other appliances, and it can result in a complete loss of function.

Limescale is a result of dissolved minerals, chiefly calcium and magnesium; this is known as hard water. A whopping 85% of America has hard water.

Yet, most Everpure water filter systems will effectively remove these minerals, preventing limescale accumulation.

3. Makes better tea, coffee, and other drinks

There’s nothing like a fine cup of joe or a spot of tea, is there? Except, the water makes the drink - and water with a lot of dissolved minerals and metals just doesn’t taste good.

Most Everpure water filter systems will remove them.

4. Makes better-tasting food, too

By the way, you use water to cook, too, right? There’s water in soups, sauces, gravies, doughs - you name it.

The same things that affect the taste of tea and coffee also affect the flavor of food - and filter systems can remove them.

5. No more stains on appliances and fixtures

Limescale is not the only thing that can cause unsightly stains. So can dissolved, oxidized iron and manganese.

These metals are invisible and pretty much impossible to detect in water - but when the water dries, they often leave behind yellow or rust-colored stains.

Fortunately, select Everpure water filter systems can remove them.

6. Give heavy metals the slip

Everpure water filter systems

In addition to the minerals, metals, and compounds listed here, select Everpure water filter systems can also remove a wide range of heavy metals.

Naturally, lead is high on the list of metals to remove, and many Everpure filter cartridges can remove it and satisfy NSF Standard 53 for lead reduction.

Certain RO Everpure filter cartridges can also remove other heavy metals including but not limited to copper, barium, cadmium, and chromium.

7. Bye, bye, bad bacteria

Bacteria are often naturally occurring in drinking water. Some protozoans, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Entamoeba, can create microbial cysts that can remain dormant for quite some time until favorable conditions return.

Certain Everpure water filters can remove these.

8. Filtered water can be better for your health

There are numerous potential ways in which filtered water can be better for your health. Filtered water may be able to fight the risk of cancer by filtering out known carcinogens (such as chlorine) and it can also positively impact weight loss efforts, detoxification, and support overall immune health, digestion, and nutrient absorption.

9. It turns out filtered water is better for the environment

Obviously, drinking filtered water from the tap will save the environment from some of the untold millions (if not billions or trillions) of plastic bottles that end up in waterways and landfills each year.

But did you know it takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce a one-year supply of bottled water? It also takes three times as much water to produce the bottle as it does to fill it. You can help combat this figure by drinking filtered tap water instead.

10. Save money over bottled water

Environmental concerns aren’t the only reason to ditch bottled water. Bottled water can be on the order of over a thousand times more expensive than tap water. Of course, this will vary according to your water costs and consumption and you’ll have to amortize the cost of a filter system - but nonetheless, filtered water is substantially more cost-effective.

Everpure water filter systems

11. Better hydration

Filtered water, which has a lower concentration of harsh chemicals and metals, can potentially improve skin hydration. It can even help with hand washing, as soft water is less likely to strip oils away from your skin or leave an uncomfortable residue.

12. May even have antioxidant properties

Specifically, filtered water may be able to reduce concentrations of specific oxidizers, such as chlorines and chloramines, from water.

Oxidizing agents cause oxidant stresses, many of which manifest as signs of aging. Oxidant stress can also cause or aggravate certain illnesses.

Certain water filters can remove some of these oxidizing agents.

13.Everpure water filter systems are low maintenance

Most Everpure water filter systems are effectively maintenance-free. While you will need to change the filter once the flow rate of your water drops substantially, Replacing isn’t difficult, either. (And we sell replacement filter cartridges, too.)

14. Everpure water filter systems don’t need to be expensive. In fact, they can be quite affordable.

Aside from the cost of installing the system, Everpure replacement filter cartridges are not particularly expensive.

Our cost on the Everpure H-300 filter cartridge gives a per-gallon cost of $.56 per gallon. The cartridge can also deliver the equivalent of 2,272 16.9-ounce bottles of water, which, at a price of about $7 per 32, would cost about $497 at break-even. That means the filter can pay for itself several times over (if you’re looking at bottled water as an alternative, that is).

So, it looks like high water quality through an Everpure water filter system is much more affordable than plastic bottles.

What Can an Everpure Water Filter System Remove?

There are many different types of Everpure water filter systems, so to illustrate this point, let’s go with a popular one: the H-300.

These Everpure H300 filter cartridges, which are rated to 300 gallons, can remove lead, chlorine, chloramines, oxidized iron and manganese, VOCs like THMs, asbestos fibers, dangerous microbial cysts, mold, algae, and particulate matter that causes turbidity.

To learn more, check out the link above or get in touch with us at Info@efilters.net!