6 Everpure Water Filter Cartridges, and What They Offer

Everpure Water Filter Cartridges

Everpure is a name that is synonymous with crystal clear drinking water that has been filtered free of potentially toxic metals, sediment, minerals that cause scale, volatile organic compounds, and of course, dangerous biological contaminants.

But each Everpure water filter cartridge is somewhat different from the next. These are some of the highlights from our collection, along with what their specifications deliver.

Everpure H300

The Everpure H300 water filter cartridge is a staple and offers homeowners a lot to love. It is long-lasting (rated to 300 gallons) and with a flow rate of ½ gallon per minute, it’s suitable for many homes.

Most importantly, the Everpure H300 is rated to remove asbestos fibers, VOCs such as THMs (trihalomethanes), oxidized iron and manganese, chlorine tastes and odors, and more. Plus, with its .5 micron rating, it can remove mold, algae, dirt, and cloudiness via mechanical means.

It also satisfies NSF standards 42 and 53, for the removal of lead and harmful parasitic cysts, such as those of Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Plus, like may other Everpure water filter cartridges, this one is user-friendly and easy to replace.

Everpure H1200

The Everpure H1200 is a step up from the H300, at least in terms of capacity. Both have a ½ gallon per minute flow rate but the H1200, for use with H1200 systems, has a 1,000-gallon capacity.

The H1200 is also made with a commercial-grade metal canister that’s lined with food-grade polymer and, while they remove the minerals that result in limescale, leave other essential minerals in the water so you get the best-tasting water possible.

The H1200 Everpure water filter cartridge NSF standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of parasitic cysts and lead. They also provide bacteriostatic control and remove chlorine, chloramines, dirt, algae, mold, and sediment.

Noteworthy also is the fact that the H1200 can remove VOCs, including THMs, and is also rated to reduce levels of MTBE, or methyl-tertiary butyl ether, found in water.

Everpure H104

If you’re looking for similar performance to the H1200 but in a 1-cartridge design that costs a bit less, opt for a system that accepts H104 Everpure water filter cartridges.

These water filter replacement cartridges offer the same flow rate, gallon-rating, the same micron-rating (.5), and remove many of the same contaminants as the H1200.

One of the main notable differences is that the H1200 is rated to remove MTBE - but other than that, the H104 removes lead, chlorine, parasitic cysts, and much more. Visit the previous link for details and specifications.

Everpure H54

The Everpure H54 filter cartridge is the cartridge to choose if you want to upgrade your S54 system, as the H54 offers pretty much everything the S54 does, while also offering scale control (the S54 does not).

The H54, rated to 750 gallons, with a ½ gallon-per-minute flow ratings and a micron rating of .5, removes lead, parasitic cysts, chlorine tastes and odors, mold, algae, dirt, and cloudiness (the latter by mechanical means).

These cartridge satisfy NSF standards 42 and 53, remove off-odors while allowing some minerals to remain behind, improving the flavor of the water. They also have a built-in water shutoff and can help prevent and control limescale accumulation - a big bonus if you use tap water for appliances like coffee makers.

Everpure RO

Everpure ROMIII (ROM 3)

An Everpure RO (or reverse osmosis) system is the choice for your home if you want restaurant-quality water filtration in your home. The Everpure ROM III (ROM 3) cartridge is top of the line.

The process of reverse osmosis offers superior filtration capabilities and can remove lead, arsenic, copper, sodium, fluoride, nitrites and nitrates, and parasitic cysts. They also offer superior protection by effectively reducing levels of MTBE and VOCs.

The ROM III system is the convenient, practical solution. These filters contain a prefilter carbon block that effectively removes particulate matter as well as chlorine tastes and odors. They also contain a TFC RO membrane that effectively reduces the concentrations of TDS (total dissolved solids) present in the water.

Easy to replace and capable of filtering a half a gallon per minute, the Everpure ROM III cartridge can reduce lead to below the Federal Action Level, remove minerals that cause scale, reduce chlorine concentrations, and filter out MTBE, VOCs, and harmful parasitic cysts, such as those of Entamoeba, Giargdia, and Cryptosporidium.

These RO Everpure replacement filters also offer superior performance when it comes to removing heavy metals - in addition to effectively lowering the levels of lead present, they can reduce concentrations of copper, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, selenium, radium, and others.

For more information on Everpure ROM III filter cartridges, please consult the ROM III spec sheet via the previous link.

Everpure Pro Series 3500

The Everpure Pro Series 3500 filter cartridge is the epitome of professional-quality water filtration for the home.

This filter cartridge (rated to 300 gallons at a half a gallon per minute) reduces particles as small as a half micron and can remove lead, asbestos fibers, parasitic cysts, and VOCs. It can also remove dirt, sediment, algae, mold, and oxidized minerals. (It also satisfies NSF standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of lead and microbial cysts.)

Dual-stage filtration in these Everpure water filter cartridges, along with Everpure’s Micro-Pure filtering material, helps eliminate these contaminants and finely polish water, delivering restaurant-level quality to your home.

Everpure RO

Want to Learn More About These Everpure Water Filter Cartridges?

These are only a few of the Everpure water filter cartridges that we offer here at efilters.net. To learn more about our other Everpure offerings, please consult the previous link.

All Everpure residential systems are equipped with a Time Strip filter monitor that reminds you of when it’s time to replace the filter (replacement recommended at least once per year) and Everpure also provides generous warranties on its products.

If you have any questions about replacement, or about the different specifications of the filters we offer here, feel free to send us a message at Info@efilters.net and we will be glad to assist.