A Closer Look at the Everpure H300

Here at efilters, we are happy to offer an extensive selection of home drinking water filtration systems. Of all of the high quality Everpure systems that we keep in stock, the Everpure H300 has remained one of the most popular home water filtration options that we offer. There are several reasons why these filters are so popular and today we will be looking at just a few reasons why these water filters are such a great option.

Water Quality

One of the most common reasons to add a water filtration system to your home is to make up for poor water quality. There are a wide range of different types of drinking water issues ranging from foul tastes and odors to cloudiness. Some homeowners may also be interested in home water filtration due to aging infrastructure in their area that can leach lead and other heavy metals into your water.

The H300 is designed to deal with all of these issues. Each cartridge is packed with Everpure's proprietary Micropure filtration media that helps to reduce or remove a wide range of waterborne contaminants from your water. All of our Everpure products are certified by the NSF to reduce the presence of harmful contaminants like lead from drinking water. Despite their powerful filtration abilities, these filters are not designed to remove the essential minerals that you need from your water.

Ease of Use

On top of being extremely effective, the H300 drinking water filtration system is also extremely easy to use. They mount underneath your kitchen sink, use your home's cold water line, and filter water on demand. No need for daily refills or other common tasks used by cheap filters. All you have to do is install the system using a few basic hand tools(no plumbing experience needed), hook up a filtered water dispenser, and install your Everpure filter cartridge.

Once your new system is installed, getting filtered water is as easy as using the faucet. Because the water is dispensed using a small dedicated faucet, you can continue to use your kitchen sink like you always have without having to worry about wasting any filtered water. The flow rate from these systems is powerful enough to fill a glass or pitcher quickly so you never have to wait for the water you need.


Like any filtration system, the H300 will require some maintenance. Each cartridge is designed to filter up to 300 gallons of water. After this point, you may begin to notice that the flow rate from the system has started to slow. When this happens or a year has passed since your last cartridge replacement, you will need to take some time to install a new cartridge.

Luckily the maintenance process is a quick and simple one. Each Everpure filter head has a water shut off valve on the filter head that can be flipped to end the flow of water through the system. After flipping this switch, all you have to do is unscrew the old cartridge and screw in a new one before reopening the shut off valve. The entire process is about as complicated as changing a light bulb and should only have to be performed once per year.


Another huge advantage of the H300 is that it makes the perfect starter option in terms of Everpure systems. Because the cartridge can handle 300 gallons, it tends to be ideal for most families. After a year has passed, you just replace the cartridge and keep enjoying the convenience of having freshly filtered water available whenever you need it. If you notice that you have to change the cartridge before a year has passed, you can also consider upgrading to a large filter cartridge.

Almost all Everpure systems use a standard filter head. This makes the process of changing from one cartridge to another a simple one. If you are using more than one H300 filter cartridge per year and want to cut down on filter changes, our team will be happy to help you find another cartridge that will fit your filtration system and offer the superior lifespan that you need so you can keep your maintenance requirements as minimal as possible.  

If you have been debating installing a dedicated water filtration system in your kitchen, then the H300 might be the perfect filtration solution for your home. We really cannot recommend these filters enough and they are definitely one of the best ways to have crisp and clean filtered water always available in your home. If you have any questions about these filters or any of the other systems we carry, feel free to reach out to one of our filtration specialists. We are always happy to help our customers get the clean drinking water that they need.