A Look at a Few of Our Most Popular Filtration Systems

Having a home water filtration system is by far the best way to know that your home's water is always going to be safe to drink. Here at efilters, we have been helping home and business owners find the water filtration solutions they need to always have clean water available on demand. Today we are going to be looking at a few of our most popular water filtration systems including the Everpure H300, Everpure H104, Everpure H54, Everpure PBS400, and the Everpure ROM IV. All of these filters have their own unique advantages that you should consider when searching for a new drinking water filtration system.

Why Add a Filtration System

There are a lot of different reasons to add a water filtration system to your home. One of the most obvious reasons is when you begin to notice foul tastes and odors in your drinking water. These issues are caused by improper levels of treatment chemicals as well as biological contamination. No matter what the cause of the issue, one of our filtration systems can help return your water to excellent quality.

Even if you have never noticed any issues with your home water quality, a dedicated filtration system is still a great idea. Some harmful contaminants like lead and other heavy metals can be present in your water without having a significant impact on the taste or smell. Installing a dedicated filtration system is one of the best ways to know that your water is clean so you can pour every glass with confidence that your family and friends are only drinking freshly filtered water.

On top of giving you the convenience of having filtered water always available in your home, these filtration systems can also help you save. When compared to the price of bottled water, the water from your home filtration system is a fraction of the cost. A filtration system like our Everpure H300, which we will get to in a minute, can filter as much water as roughly 2,200 16.9 oz water bottles from a single filter cartridge. With a refillable bottle and one of our filter systems, you will never have to buy bottled water again, saving you money while lowering your ecological footprint.

Everpure Filtration Systems

Over the years, we have worked with a wide variety of filtration systems from many manufacturers. The fact that you will only find Pentair Everpure filters on our website is a result of the fact that they are the most effective and easy to use filtration systems that we have encountered over the years.

Not only will these filters provide incredibly clean water, but they won't require the daily refills and other maintenance tasks associated with cheap pitcher filter systems. All of our Everpure home filtration systems are designed to mount underneath your kitchen sink and provide clean water on demand all year round. If you are looking for the best filtration system for your home, then one of the following options will probably be the perfect fit.


The Everpure H300 is one of the most popular filtration systems that we offer. There is a good reason for this, as the H300 is essentially the most basic Everpure option but still comes with all the features and benefits that make Everpure great. These filters are designed to mount underneath your kitchen sink and dispense water from a small dedicated faucet, leaving your kitchen sink to use like you always have.

The secret to the efficiency and ease of use of the H300 and all Everpure filtration systems is all in the filter cartridge. These sleek metal cartridges are used by all Everpure systems and contain Pentair's exclusive Micro-Pure filtration media. This carbon based media has an incredibly high surface area, allowing it act like a sponge for soaking up waterborne contaminants.

Inside the H300 filter cartridges, this media is arranged on a pleated membrane that helps to increase the flow of water within the cartridge while also maintaining a high surface area. This means that your water will be extremely well filtered without inhibiting the flow rate from your system.

Every H300 cartridge is designed to filter approximately 300 gallons of water. For many households, this capacity is sufficient to provide a year of freshly filtered drinking water. All Everpure cartridges should be replaced at least once per year and every cartridge comes with a convenient indicator sticker that will start out white and turn solid red after a year has passed. If the flow rate from the system decreases before a year has passed, this is a sign that it is time to replace the cartridge.


If you are worried about frequent cartridge changes, we also carry a wide range of filtration systems with higher capacities. The Everpure H104 is designed to filter roughly 1000 gallons per cartridge. The H-104 drinking water system's large capacity makes it a great choice for larger households or anyone who has noticed that they are replacing their cartridges frequently on a lower capacity filter system like the H300.

The Everpure H104 and H300 are both designed to use the same standard Everpure filter head. The cartridges are also the same size, so it is easy to swap one cartridge for another and increase the capacity of your system without having to make any other changes. This is another huge advantage to using Everpure filtration systems. Almost all of standard Everpure cartridges fit the same filter head with the exception of the Pro Series cartridges.

Like all Everpure filtration systems, the Everpure H104 is certified to remove a wide range of contaminants including lead, small particulate matter, and disease causing parasitic cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia. This means that you can pour every glass with some extra peace of mind knowing that contaminants have been removed or reduced to safe levels while your water retains vital minerals found naturally in water that our bodies need.

When it comes to the effectiveness of these filters, you don't have to take our work for it. All Everpure systems are NSF certified. The NSF or National Science Foundation is a government organization in the USA responsible for performing scientific tests on consumer products. All Everpure products feature various NSF certifications based on the types of contaminants they can effectively remove and reduce.


In some kitchens space is at a premium. A standard Everpure cartridge filter system requires 22 inches of space while also having enough head room to reach the built in valves on the filter head. This can easily take up more space than some kitchens have to spare, especially if the space under the sink is being used for other purposes. For areas with these constraints, the Everpure H54's 15" construction is a perfect fit.

The compact size of the H54 also makes it an ideal choice for mobile homes and other kitchens where a large filtration system is not ideal. Adding a filtration system to a mobile home or camper's kitchen is a great way to ensure superior water quality when using campsite utility hookups that you might not be sure about.

In addition to filtering your drinking water, the H54 is also designed to help soften water and control the build up of lime and scale. These types of build up can easily damage water using appliances and lower the effectiveness of soap. Each H54 cartridge can filter and remove scale from up to 750 gallons of water, making these cartridges long lived despite their small size.


Up until now, each of the systems that we have covered requires the installation of a small dedicated faucet in order to dispense your filtered water. While this can be convenient, it also requires adding a new fixture to your kitchen and drilling a hole in your countertop or sink. For homeowners who are not interested in adding a new fixture to their kitchens, Everpure full flow systems are the perfect solution. The Everpure PBS 400 is one such system.

Full flow means that the filtered water from the system will be dispensed using the cold water side of your existing faucet instead of using a dedicated dispenser. In most Everpure systems, water is partially diverted from the cold water line and into the filter head while unfiltered water continues to flow to the faucet. Full flow systems completely delivert the cold water line through the filter head and then the filter output goes back into the cold water side of your faucet.

This makes installing your new filtration system extremely easy. No need to drill holes or find a new faucet, you just have to install the system and enjoy up to 3000 gallons of filtered water per cartridge. While many Everpure filtration systems have a flow rate of roughly 0.5 gallons per minute, the PBS400 is designed to provide 2.2 gallons per minute. This output matches the strength of most home faucets.


For homeowners who want the best possible water quality, reverse osmosis filtration might be the perfect solution. So far, all of the systems covered have been carbon media based water filters. Reverse osmosis systems like our ROM IV combine carbon media filtration with Reverse osmosis technology to produce incredibly clean water.

Osmosis is a process in nature where water or another solvent flows through a membrane to achieve a balanced level of dissolved particles on both sides of the membrane. In RO filtration, an artificial membrane is used that is only fine enough for water to pass through. By placing water on one side of the membrane and applying pressure, pure water moves to the other side of the membrane and any dissolved particles are left behind. The particulate and a small amount of wastewater are disposed of and the process repeats itself.

Unlike carbon media filtration, reverse osmosis is a relatively slow process. Applying too much pressure would damage the RO membrane, so the process has to be gradual. In order to make this less of a concern, the ROM IV comes with a 4.5 gallon storage tank that will ensure that you always have fresh water available on demand.

Reverse osmosis systems are also larger than other types of home filtration systems. The ROM IV used three filter cartridges. The first cartridge removes large particles and chlorine that can damage the membrane, the second cartridge performs the RO process, and the final cartridge filters the water one more time to capture any small organic compounds that got through the RO membrane. These cartridges, along with the storage tank, can take up a large amount of the space under your sink.

The biggest advantage of RO filtration systems like the ROM IV is their water quality. While all of our filtration systems are designed to remove compounds that cause foul tastes or odors and sediment from water, the RO process is far more thorough. A standard filter can remove particles as small as half a micron in size while an RO filter can remove particles up to 200 times smaller. This makes the water you get from these systems super crisp and clean.  

In addition to the Everpure H300, Everpure H104, Everpure H54, Everpure PBS400, and the Everpure ROM IV, we carry a huge selection of other high quality systems. If you need any help finding the perfect filtration system for your home, our team of filtration experts are always here to help. We have worked with these systems for years and our always happy to make sure that our customers are satisfied and getting the most out of their home filtration system.