A Look at Everpure Water Filter Replacement

When it comes to enjoying incredible water quality without the fuss, our Everpure filters are the perfect solution. These filters are designed to offer exceptional water quality on demand so you will never need to worry about harmful contaminants or foul tasting water. We offer a wide variety of different systems and Everpure water filter replacement cartridges so our customers can always find the perfect option to fit your filtration needs or upgrade your current system.

If you don't already have an Everpure system in your home, their benefits speak for themselves. These filtration systems can remove a wide variety of different contaminants from chloramines that cause a chemical taste to organic debris and microbes that can make you sick. They can even help to remove or significantly reduce the presence of heavy metals like lead from your drinking water. The filtered water can be dispensed using a small, dedicated air gap faucet or we offer full flow systems that dispense filtered water using the cold water side of your existing faucet.

No matter what kind of system you choose, the installation process is incredibly easy. You don't need to have any prior plumbing experience, just a few simple hand tools and about half an hour to follow the instructions. Once the filterhead is attached and hooked up to the waterline, all you have to do is hook the system up to your filtered water dispenser or faucet depending on the type of system being installed. Then you just have to run the water for a few minutes to purge the air out of the system and enjoy the convenience of having filtered water available on demand.

All of the actual filtration takes place in the cartridge of your filter system. These metal cartridges are designed to be extremely easy to replace while also offering exceptional filtration efficiency. Each cartridge is internally lined so that your water never comes in contact with the actual metal of the cartridge. Instead the water passes through Everpure's proprietary Micro-Pure filtration media.

This material is a carbon based filtration media that is perfect for capturing even the smallest contaminants. Activated carbon, the main ingredient, is a fine black powder that is covered in tiny hills and valleys that makes it act like a sponge for various waterborne contaminants. This includes potentially harmful contaminants like heavy metals and biological cysts that can cause illness.

Each Everpure water filter replacement cartridge that we offer is rated to remove particles as small as half a micron in size. That is 1/50,000 of an inch! To put that into a perspective that is a little easier to comprehend, think about the thickness of a piece of printer paper. These filters can remove contaminants that are 200 times smaller than the thickness of a piece of paper.

The abilities of these filter cartridges can be determined by their NSF rating. The NSF or National Science Foundation is a not-for-profit organization specializing in testing consumer products. They test products across a wide range of industries including water purification equipment for homes and businesses. You can learn more about the NSF and their certifications here, but here are the various reductions that they test for that you can find on the products that we offer. These standards include several different categories. It's important to understand that a filter can be rated for achieving any part of a standard, so it is important to check specifics.

Standard 53 - Health Effects

This standard is focused on the health effects of a filter based on pass or fail criteria

Cyst reduction means that over 99% of particles in the 3 to 4 micron size range are removed. This includes biological cysts.

Turbidity reduction determines a filter's ability to reduce cloudiness or turbidity in water by removing over 90% of 10 to 12 units of turbidity.

Lead reduction means that a filter is capable of a 90% reduction of lead concentration from 150 parts per billion to 15 parts per billion.

Asbestos reduction means that a filter is capable of removing 99% of asbestos fibres that are 10 micrometers or larger

Chemical reduction tests a filters ability to reduce the amount of of severe chemical pollutants to to the MCL or maximum contaminant levels set by the EPA

Standard 42 - Aesthetic Effects

The standard outlines a filter's ability to improve the aesthetics of water. This includes removing things from the water that may be unpleasant, but are not a significant health risk.

Taste & Odor and Chlorine Reduction

Class I - At least 75% reduction        

Class II - 50 to 75% reduction

Class III - 25 to 50% reduction

Particulate Reduction (at least 85% of particles are removed)

Class I - 0.5 to 1 micron (SUB-MICRON)

Class II - 1 to 5 microns (most bacteria &one-celled algae)

Class III - 5 to 15 microns (most protozoa,  pollen, silt)

Class IV - 15 to 30 microns (FINE...mold spores, rust particles)

Class V - 30 to 50 microns (barely visible root hairs)

Class VI - over 50 microns (sand, leaf fragments, insect parts)

There are also other standards that cover a cartridge's ability to perform other tasks like scale reduction. Once you know that you have found a filtration system with the certifications that you need, you can install your new system and start enjoying your filtered water. Each cartridge has a set capacity that estimates the number of gallons that that cartridge should be able to filter.

If you notice that you are going through more than one Everpure water filter replacement cartridge per year, then it is easy to make an upgrade to a new cartridge. Most of the cartridges we offer are designed to fit the same Everpure filter head. The Proseries cartridges are the exception, but they can be interchanged with other Proseries cartridges. This means that it is easy to upgrade to a new cartridge that will offer a larger capacity or some additional feature that your water might need.

Browsing through our huge selection of Everpure water filter replacement cartridges can be a little overwhelming, but we are here to help. Our team specializes in Everpure water filters and we are always happy to help our customers find the perfect filtration systems and replacement cartridges to meet their needs. We are dedicated to offering the best customer service in the industry, so never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!