A Look at Ice Machine Filters and Cartridges

ice machine filters and cartridges

No matter what field you are in, if your business has an ice machine, you should be considering filtration. Not only do ice machine filters and cartridges make your ice safer, they can also help to protect your machines from damage.

Ice only has one ingredient, so obviously if you want quality ice, you need to start with clean water. Now the improved flavor of your ice is just one of the benefits of adding one of these systems to your machine. If you are wondering about all of the potential benefits of adding a filtration system to your ice machine, we have a few things for you to consider.

Ice Quality
One of the most important reasons to invest in a filtration system is to improve the quality of the ice itself. There are a variety of different contaminants found in water that can have a serious impact on the flavor of your ice. This includes a buildup of minerals, sulfur compounds, algae, sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants that can all add a distinct taste to your ice.

Filtering your water before freezing is one of the best ways to ensure that your ice is not going to impact the quality of any beverages that it is used in. The quality of your water can vary dramatically depending on the time of day and the sanitation compounds used in your local water treatment center. Ice machine water filter systems can also provide chlorine taste and odor reduction throughout the day. Adding a filter to your system will ensure that you are always able to offer a consistent high quality ice.

Safer Water
Safety is one of the most important advantages of any filtration system. Even if you have municipal water, this does not guarantee that your water is safe. Between the treatment plant and your store, aging infrastructure and other factors can all introduce contaminants into your water. Adding a water filtration system can help address these concerns while also keeping your ice safe to consume.

This includes removing a variety of contaminants from your water that don't always have a notable impact on taste. Things like heavy metals, parasitic cysts, and other contaminants with potential health impacts can easily find their way into your water supply. Filtering water directly before use is one of the best ways to ensure that your ice is safe to consume.

Another important reason to invest in ice machine filters and cartridges is to prevent the spread of certain waterborne diseases like Legionnaires disease. This disease is caused by exposure to water containing legionella bacteria. This bacteria is hardy enough to survive in ice machines and typically infects those who have poor lung function, including the elderly. For businesses in the medical field and those who deal with vulnerable populations, having a filter on your ice machine is essential.

Our ice machine filtration systems are designed to meet standards like ASHRAE Standard 188 in order to prevent both the health risk to patients and the administrative costs that can accompany a Legionnaires outbreak. ASHRAE, or the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, created the ASHRAE Standard 188 as a way for hospitals to prevent the introduction and spread of Legionellosis in their facilities.

For many businesses, particularly those in the medical field, it is crucial to make sure that your ice machine meets certain standards like the ASHRAE standard we just mentioned. All of the Everpure ice machine filters and cartridges that we carry meet certain standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation.

NSF is an independent third-party certification organization that establishes a variety of standards for consumer and commercial products. They are qualified to conduct tests and certify products to ensure that they meet various health and safety standards. Because NSF certifications are globally recognized, these standards are intended to ensure quality and provide peace of mind to healthcare providers.

If you need to make sure that certain contaminants are removed from your ice, then it's important to check the system's attached certifications and standards.

Less Maintenance
Another significant advantage of using a filtration system with your ice machine is that it can help reduce maintenance costs over time. Scale buildup is a common problem with water-based appliances such as ice machines. This happens when hard water flows through the system and some of the metal ions in the water combine to form salts that adhere to the insides of your appliances. This can eventually lead to a hard, rock-like buildup, which can cause clogs and other issues.

Filtered water naturally contains less of these metal ions, meaning scale build up can be significantly decreased by using a filtration system. Some filtration systems will also be specifically designed with water softening beads to combat this problem in areas where the water is abnormally high. Hard water can also produce ice with a somewhat "chalky" taste, so using a filtration system to soften your water is just one way that your filter can improve the quality of your ice.

For food service businesses with kitchens, especially bakeries, food particles and yeast in the air can build up in your ice machine. Using a filtration system can help to prevent buildup in the sump systems of your ice machines.

Finding the Right System
If you are considering purchasing a fountain beverage water filtration system for your business, consider an Everpure system. These water filters are a great choice for a number of reasons, including the fact that the hardware is an investment in your business' future. Everpure uses a standardized filterhead. This means that once you have an Everpure system, you can easily upgrade to a new cartridge to meet the growing needs of your business without the need for new hardware.

If you want to see some great fountain machine filtration options, we have plenty of great options to consider. We also have a great selection of replacement cartridges in stock for businesses who already have Everpure hardware. If you need help finding ice machine filters and cartridges for your business, our team is available to make sure you can find the perfect system for your machine.