Adding a Filter to Your Home? Consider the Everpure H1200

Everpure H1200

We believe that if you want the best drinking water quality possible, you should invest in a high-quality filtration system. As a result, we only stock Pentair Everpure systems, which provide restaurant-quality filtration right in your kitchen. If you are looking for a fantastic filtration system for your home, you should consider the Everpure H1200 water filter.

All Everpure water filtration systems are designed to provide exceptional filtration right in the kitchen of your home. These filtration systems, unlike the pitcher filters that have become all too common in homes across the country, are designed to connect directly to a home's water lines. This type of water filter has several advantages over other types of water filters.

Handling the Pressure

Common pitcher filters are gravity fed, which means that the water's weight pushes it through the filtration cartridge. This combined with the large filter media size means the overall effectiveness of these filters are limited.

Because Everpure filters connect directly to a 60 PSI home water line. The weight of water in a pitcher can only produce a fraction of a PSI. This means that the filtration media used in Everpure water filtration systems is hundreds of times finer than the media used in pitcher systems. It also means that water can be filtered more quickly and consistently than with a gravity-fed filtration system.

Double Cartridge Filtration

The Everpure H1200 is a dual cartridge system with excellent water quality. Pentair's proprietary Micro-Pure filtration media is used in each of the H1200's two cartridges. This carbon-based media has an extremely high surface area to volume ratio, allowing it to absorb contaminants like a sponge. This media is arranged along a pleated filter membrane to allow for a high internal surface area without sacrificing flow rate.

These filters have a higher capacity than some of our other home filtration options because they work in tandem. Each cartridge set can filter approximately 1000 gallons of water. It is critical to replace your cartridges at least once a year or whenever you notice the flow rate of your system slowing down. When the cost of these cartridges is compared to the cost of purchasing filtered water, it is clear that installing one of these systems in your home can save you a significant amount of money.

In addition to having an outstanding capacity, the Everpure H1200 filtration system's two filter cartridges work together to remove a wide range of contaminants. Contaminants such as lead, parasitic cysts, and hazardous organic compounds such as Methyl tertiary-butyl ether.

MtBE Filtration

Methyl tertiary butyl ether, also known as MtBE, is a flammable liquid compound that is manufactured and used in a variety of industrial applications.

Its most common application was as an additive in unleaded gasoline. MtBE, as a liquid component of gasoline, raises oxygen and octane levels, improving the oxygenate ratings of the fuel and assisting in emission reduction. MtBE was widely used in gasoline during the 1980s and 1990s, but its use has declined since the 2000s.

Although its use was gradually phased out and some states eventually banned it, it is still present in groundwater in some areas of the country, causing problems to this day.

If you are concerned about MtBE concentrations in your home drinking water, you can install a certified MtBE reduction drinking water system. Everpure drinking water systems, for example, that use Everpure H1200 replacement cartridges are NSF certified to reduce a wide range of contaminants, including MtBE. The NSF Standard 53 and 42 certified Everpure H1200 filters have a.50 micron rating for removing a wide range of contaminants from drinking water as small as half a micron and larger in size.

Easy Installation

The Everpure H1200 is not only convenient and cost effective, but it is also extremely simple to install. There is no need for any plumbing experience, just a few basic tools. These systems are intended to be installed beneath your kitchen sink. This means you won't have to give up fridge space to enjoy the convenience of having filtered water on hand at all times.

These systems allow you to use your faucet as usual while adding a small secondary faucet to dispense your drinking water. This will necessitate drilling a hole in your sink or countertop, but this is the most difficult aspect of the installation. Once your new system is up and running, you will have the convenience of always having freshly filtered drinking water available without the hassle of refilling or monthly maintenance.

If you're ready to start reaping the benefits of having freshly filtered water readily available in your kitchen, we're confident you'll find the ideal filtration solution here at efilters. For years, we have specialized in Everpure systems, and we are proud to offer dependable options such as the Everpure H1200 and all of the other home filtration systems in our online store. If you need assistance deciding on the best system for your home, our filtration experts are always happy to assist!