Are You Looking to Buy an RO Water Purifier?

In terms of home water filtration systems, it’s hard to beat the amazing filtration rate of a reverse osmosis filter system. These water filters operate using a unique filter membrane, allowing them to filter out particles much smaller than carbon based filter media cartridges. If you have been looking to buy an RO water purifier, we have options that will be perfect for both home and business owners.

Before we dive into the world of RO water treatment, let’s take a second to explain the technology. Osmosis is a natural process where a solvent like water moves through a semipermeable membrane to achieve equal concentrations of solutes on both sides of the membrane. To put it a little simpler, osmosis is a process when water moves through a thin barrier until both sides have the same amount of dissolved stuff in them.

To reverse this process, you need to overcome the osmotic pressure of the system. Basically, you can put water full of dissolved “stuff” on one side of the membrane and apply some pressure to it and pure water will collect on the other side of the membrane, leaving a small amount of waste water on the original side with a high concentration of dissolved material. This wastewater is then disposed of, new water is introduced and the process is repeated.

These RO membranes are thin and sensitive. To avoid damaging the membrane, most RO systems have some level of prefiltration. These pre-filters help remove chlorine and large particles that might damage or clog the membrane.

Unlike traditional carbon media water filters, reverse osmosis is a relatively slow process. To make these filters more practical, most home systems will feature a storage tank that can hold some filtered water so you will be ready to use your water without having to rely on filtering their

Home RO Systems

When it comes to home RO water filtration, we carry the Everpure ROM IV system. This new and improved system from Everpure is a great option for homeowners looking for exceptional and consistent water quality.

The ROM IV is compact enough to fit under most kitchen sinks and comes with a storage tank that can hold a few gallons of filtered water so you will always be ready to pour yourself a glass. The system can filter up to 14 gallons per day and has a pre-filter to remove chlorine and a final carbon block filter to help remove any additional contaminants.

Commercial RO Filters

If you are looking to buy an RO water purifier for your business, we have a few options for you to consider.

The Everpure MRS600HE is an extremely efficient RO filter system designed to make the filtration process both energy efficient and produces a fraction of the wastewater of other commercial systems. Typically about 78% percent of the water used by this filter is converted into a clean drinkable product, while the remaining 22% is removed as waste.

Using one of these filter systems in your business is a great way to provide consistent water quality which is essential for food service businesses. These systems can also be hooked up to other systems that use water like coffee makers and ice machines. This makes it easy to provide clean and refreshing water based products to your customers.

Using this system is simple and typically they only require  6 month maintenance cycles where the filter cartridges are replaced and a yearly maintenance cycle to change the RO cartridge.

We also offer the Everpure Conserv HE3 commercial RO system. This system is loaded with features that make it an incredible option for business owners. With three stages of filtration, you can get perfectly filtered water constantly, with a potential output of up to 880 gallons of water.

You can use Everpure’s remote monitoring system to dial in the total dissolved solids content of your water to produce the exact mineral balance you want in your water. You can also get constant live updates on the filter system’s status and use this system to provide water for every other appliance in your business.

The ability to control water quality and monitor maintenance requirements remotely make it easy to ensure that your water quality is always in line with you and your customers’ expectations.

So no matter your reason for buying a RO water purifier, we have a system that will be a perfect fit for your needs. Our team of filtration experts is dedicated to making sure all of our customers have the clean safe drinking water they need and we are always here to address any questions or concerns you may have. Please send an email to