Finding The Best Drinking Water Filter For Small Spaces

When it comes to choosing the best drinking water filter for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important limited factors is going to be system size. Some options, like home reverse osmosis systems, are going to require a pretty large footprint, making them impractical for smaller spaces. If space is a limiting factor in your water filter installation, then we have a few great options to check out.

Water quality is not a static thing. Even if your water seems fine and you have it tested, you are only getting a snapshot of your water quality at that moment. One of the only ways to ensure that your drinking water is always safe to consume is to have some form of in home water filtration.

For most homeowners, in-home water filtration means dealing with a filtered water pitcher. While these filters are an extremely popular option, they are far from being the best drinking water filter on the market. Not only do they require daily refilling and typically monthly filter cartridge changes, but they also tend to be kept in refrigerators where they take up a lot of valuable space.

Depending on the size of your fridge, these pitchers can be a real space killer and keeping them on the counter comes with its own set of issues in small spaces. Luckily the best drinking water filters are designed to utilize an area of your kitchen that is often overlooked, the cabinet under your sink.

The average Everpure system measures about 20 inches tall. In addition to needing this room, these systems also have to be installed with at least 2.5 inches of clearance so maintenance like cartridge replacement can be easily completed. To get a good idea of the size requirements and general operation of these filtration systems, let’s take a look at the Everpure H300.

The H300 is our most popular Everpure system, with a size of about 5 x 5 x 20 inches. This makes it a pretty average size analogue for discussing most of our single cartridge Everpure systems. When you consider the space needed under the system to complete filter cartridge changes, you will need about 22 x 5 x 5 inches of total undersink space to correctly install your H300 filtration system.

The cartridges used in this system, and all Everpure H series filters, contain Everpure’s Micro-Pure filter media. This carbon based filtration media has an incredibly high surface area, making it an ideal material for absorbing waterborne contaminants. Particulate as small as 0.5 microns in size from your water. To give you some reference, a strand of hair is around 50 microns thick, meaning these filters can remove contaminants 100 times thinner than a single hair. That level of filtration powers makes these filters capable of removing dangerous contaminants like heavy metals and harmful biological cysts from your water.

The structure of the media within the H series cartridges are also arranged in a pleated design in order to maximize the flow of water through the cartridge while maintaining a high surface area. This means that you will get amazing filtration quality while still being able to enjoy a consistent and strong water flow from your system.

The H300 cartridge lasts for about 300 gallons. Once you hit 300 gallons you will begin to notice that the water flow from the filter will begin to slow down. If this occurs, all you have to do is swap out the filter which makes only a few minutes. You will also need to replace the filter cartridge annually if the cartridge is still filtering after one year. Every Everpure cartridge that we offer comes with a convenient sticker that will change from solid white to solid red after one year’s time. This makes it easy to ensure that your system is always dispensing clean filtered water.

Dispensing this water will require adding an additional fixture to your kitchen sink. The H300 and other H series Everpure systems require a dedicated faucet in order to dispense their filtered water. This means that you will have to add a hole in your countertop or the metal surface of your kitchen sink. Adding one of their faucets will obviously require some special tools, but you can choose the appearance of the water dispensing faucet to perfectly match the rest of your kitchen.

If you are looking for the power of Everpure filtration, but your kitchen sink is a little more compact, we can help you find the best drinking water filter for your space. You can find plenty of powerful filtration systems on our site that will offer the same high quality drinking water while occupying a fraction of the space.

The H54 is a compact version of other H series Everpure filters. These systems were designed to offer Everpure’s filtration quality in a smaller package that could easily fit in smaller kitchens. The overall height of these filters are only 75% of the height of the H300 and many of our other popular Everpure models. This makes them one of the best drinking water filters that we offer for any home where space is at a premium.

The key difference between the H54 and H300 systems is their cartridges. Instead of using the standard Everpure cartridge shape, the H54 features a stout cartridge design. This smaller design of these cartridges does not have a negative impact on their efficiency. In fact, an H54 cartridge can filter up to 750 gallons of water per cartridge, over double the capacity of the H300 system.

In addition to adding more filtration capacity, the H54 cartridge also helps to reduce lime and scale build up from our water. Lime and scale can build up in water lines and can potentially damage water based appliances like coffee makers. In addition to preventing build up, these filter cartridges will also remove the contaminants responsible for earthy, moldy, and fishy tasting water. Like all Everpure cartridges, we recommend changing your H54 cartridge annually unless you notice that the cartridge has begun to clog and reduce the water flow from your filter system.

These filters are also a great option for owners of RVs and campers who want to bring the convenience of freshly filtered water with them on their travels. Not only will these compact systems ensure that your water is fresh and clean anywhere you go, but the limescale prevention will help ensure that the other appliances in your RV won’t suffer due to high limescale build up in your camper.

Like the H300 system, the H54 requires a dedicated water dispenser. In a small kitchen space it can be difficult to find room for one of these secondary faucets. Luckily Everpure systems come in many different styles, including models that do not require this secondary faucet installation.

The EF-1500 is one of our full flow systems. This means that instead of dispensing filtered water using a dedicated filtered water faucet, the system uses your existing faucet instead. Once this filter is installed, the cold water side of your faucet will dispense your filtered water while the hot water side continues to function normally.

This is achieved via a special adapter to your water line. Instead of branching off the cold water flow of your faucet like the H series systems, the EF-1500 diverts all cold water flow to the filter system and then returns the flow from your filter to the faucet. This makes these filters easy to install and use.

The installation process involves shutting off the cold water line, adding the water line adapter, and then hooking up the lines to the filter head as detailed in the system instructions. The entire process can be completed using only a few common hand tools without any need for a plumber or handyman.

Like the H54 filter system, the EF-1500 is only 15 inches in height, making it easy to fit in an RV, on a boat, or in any other small kitchen space. They provide the commercial level filtration that our Everpure systems are known for anywhere you need them. The system outputs a 2.2 gallon per minute flow rate so you can get the same level of performance from these filters as you would from the average kitchen faucet.

The EF-1500 has a slightly different internal design compared to the previous two filter systems we have discussed. Instead of featuring a pleated filter membrane coated in Micro-Pure media, these cartridges use a solid block of filtration media to maximize the cartridge’s lifespan. The EF-1500 can filter up to 1500 gallons of water per cartridge, making it the best drinking water filter we offer for small spaces in terms of capacity.

Just like the H54 system, your EF-1500 will reduce the presence of lime and scale build up in your water. This will help protect your appliances. These filters are ideal for RVs and campers because they do not add any more fixtures to your already cramped kitchen with also ensuring proper water quality wherever you go. Because there is no way to test the water from a RV camp utility hookup ahead of time, these systems can provide some real peace of mind when you and your family are traveling.

Flexibility & Upgradability

One convenient thing about Everpure systems is the fact that most of these filters use the same filter head design. All of the filter systems we have mentioned so far use the same filter head design. This means that someone who owned an H300 system could replace their H300 cartridge with an H54 size cartridge without issue.

This flexibility makes it possible to completely change your filtration system’s capacity in only a minute or two. Obviously trying to upgrade from a compact 15 inch system cartridge to a standard 20 inch system cartridge will require moving the filter head under your sink to ensure proper clearance. Changing the filter to a full flow system filter obviously will not alter the output of your system without the full flow hardware.

We offer a number of replacement cartridges for all of our systems and you can always contact a member of our team to ensure that your new cartridge will fit your existing system. Typically issues only occur when mixing our ProSeries components with components from our standard Everpure systems. Luckily when you work with us, our customer service team is always just a call away and ready to help with whatever you might need.

If you need help finding the best drinking water filter for your space, our team is always happy to help. Here at efilters, we have worked with several water filter brands and we have chosen to carry Pentair Everpure systems because they truly are the best drinking water filters on the market. Not only are they extremely easy to install and use, but they also are easy to maintain in the long run.

Because we carry so many different Everpure systems, we can always help you find the perfect system for your kitchen no matter how big or small your space. To get a second opinion on which filter system to choose for your home or your home away from home, please email us at Our team of filtration specialists are always happy to assist you and get you on the road to enjoying freshly filtered water in your home.