How Everpure Water Filter Cartridges Work

When it comes to your drinking water, sometimes the best way to get excellent excellent water quality is to take matters into your own hands. For homeowners, this means adding a dedicated drinking water filtration system to your home. If you are experiencing poor water quality or just want a little more assurance every time you take a drink, then our Everpure water filter cartridges are the perfect solution to remove a wide range of contaminants from your drinking water.

There are a wide range of different issues that homeowners face when it comes to water quality. Sometimes poor water quality is obvious, like when your water has a foul taste or odor. This is usually caused by microorganisms in the water or in the pipes that have begun to break down organic matter. Chlorine and other chemicals are used to treat water to avoid this type of microbial growth, but sometimes it is possible for water lines to become contaminated or for small pockets of water to remain static long enough to promote microbial growth.

On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes your water will have a chemical taste or odor caused by those sanitizing agents. Typically it will resemble pool water or have a bleach-like aroma. While you might assume that this is caused by too much chlorine, it is actually the opposite. At the ideal concentrations, chlorine sanitizing compounds remain in stable forms that will not impact taste while still combating microbial growth. If this concentration falls below a certain threshold, the chlorine will reform into chloramines and other compounds that cause the chlorine taste in water.

Our Everpure filtration systems are the perfect solution to almost any home water quality issues. Not only can these filters remove fine particulate matter, biological contaminants, and chlorine compounds, but they also deliver that filtered water on demand whenever you need it. The secret to these systems' effectiveness can be found inside each Everpure water filter cartridge.

Each Everpure water filter cartridge is designed to filter hundreds to thousands of gallons of water per cartridge depending on the model. The metal cartridges are designed to be easy to install and replace and they are secure enough to operate under pressure. The inside is coated to prevent water from contacting the metallic shell. There is also a bacteriostatic layer on these cartridges. This prevents bacteria from multiplying within the filter, preventing the filter from becoming a source of contaminants. That actual filtration within these cartridges is carried out by Everpure's proprietary Micropure filtration media.

This filtration media is carbon based, meaning it relies on activated carbon as its main source of filtration. Activated carbon is one of the most common filtration media options because it basically acts like a sponge for contaminants. While it might look like a plain black powder to the naked eye, if you zoom in you can clearly see what makes carbon so effective. Under a microscope, you can see that every grain of activated carbon is actually covered in microscopic pores, hills, and valleys. This means that the total surface area of even a small handful of activated carbon can be larger than an entire city block.

In our popular H Series filters, this filtration media is arranged on a pleated membrane. This design helps to promote water circulation while also providing incredible filtration power. Our Everpure models use a carbon block filter that maximizes surface area that water passes through under pressure. Everpure water filter cartridges can filter anywhere from 300 gallons for the H300 system to 6000 gallons of water for the EF-6000 filtration system. No matter what kind of system you are using, you will have to change your cartridge once per year.

All Everpure water filter cartridges come with an indicator sticker that changes from white to red over the course of a year. Once your indicator has turned red, it's time to swap your cartridge. The process of swapping a cartridge is as simple as changing a lightbulb and should only take a minute or two per year.

Sometimes you may need to change your cartridge before a year has passed. Typically a slow water flow is one sign that your filter needs to be replaced. If you notice that you are using several filters per year, then you might need to consider upgrading your cartridge. Luckily Everpure filtration cartridges are often interchangeable so we can help you find a higher capacity replacement cartridge that will be a perfect fit for your current filtration system.

Whether you need to find a new Everpure water filter cartridge or you are looking to finally add a dedicated filtration system to your home, we are here to help. Our team of filtration experts have been working with Everpure water filters for years and we are always happy to help our customers find the perfect filtration solutions for their homes.