How to Get The Most Out of Your Everpure Water System

There are many advantages to installing an Everpure drinking system in your home or business.

Adding an Everpure system will help out the health of both you and the environment, by reducing the number of harmful substances in your drinking supply and reducing the number of plastic water bottles that are being consumed. Though adding a quality drinking water system has enough advantages by itself, there are some ways you can improve these benefits further.

Everpure’s Benefits

Remove Unwanted Substances

The Everpure Water System is guaranteed to remove unwanted parasitic cysts, such as Cryptosporidium, and Lead. These are substances and materials that you’d probably rather not have in your drinking water. Removing these unwanted and potentially dangerous variables is a very serious and important job. So, don’t just take it from us when we say we remove all of these harmful things. Listen to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) that certified Everpure for Std. 42 & 53.

  • Lead

This drinking water system is certified to remove Lead. Lead is a toxic metal that can somehow get into drinking water when lead used in plumbing materials corrode over time. Lead pipes that corrode result in most cases of lead in drinking water. If you have an older home or are from an area where homes and buildings around you were 35+ years ago this may be a cause for concern.

There are some harmful substances that can be consumed if the containment level is minuscule, however, lead is not one of them. Lead is a toxic metal, even if the exposure level is low it can still be harmful to the human body. Consuming it can cause serious damage over time. Lead can cause Cardiovascular effects and reproductive problems. It can even cause your kidneys to fail.

These are issues that healthy adults can face. When water that’s contaminated with traces of lead is drunk by children or pregnant the effects can be worse. Children may experience behavioral or learning problems, and it may even slow their development. Because lead can accumulate in the human body over, lead may cause premature birth or a shortened growth rate of the fetus, if drank by a pregnant woman.

  • Parasitic Cysts

Everpure is certified to remove 99.5% of particles at 3-4 microns. Being sure that parasitic cysts are not investing in your water supply is extremely important. Two of the most common cysts are Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lablia can be used to remove both of them from your water.

The Cryptosporidium parasite can cause gastrointestinal disease which may be mild for most but can be deadly for those that don’t have a healthy immune system. Giardia Lablia also causes gastrointestinal illnesses. Water supplies can easily become contaminated with these parasites if it’s exposed to raw sewage.

Save The Environment

Apart from improving your health by removing unwanted and harmful materials, by switching to an Everpure Drinking System you can also improve the world around you. Water bottles are used and thrown away at an alarming rate every single year. Switching to a filtered water drinking system will save you 1000s of water bottles and since you won’t have to change the filter for over a year, that number can only go up.

With the environment facing such harsh side-effects from pollution and other means, every step we can take to improve the health of our planet is a step in the right direction. Though recycling is a better method than, just throwing plastic away, the best method is to just remove plastic from your daily life whenever you’re able. One Everpure drinking water system is equal to 2,200 16.9 oz water bottles, so you really won’t need to drink water from a plastic bottle!

How to Maximize The Effectiveness of Your Drinking Water System

Filter Changes

In order to keep your water system working at its maximum potential, we recommend performing a filter change at least once a year, or whenever the flow becomes too slow. Water quality is always changing. You can perform a water test to check the quality of the water, but it may very well be completely different the very next year.

At Everpure we’re focused on the quality of water that your water has post-filtration. That’s the water quality that should stay constant. We guarantee this, but if you don’t believe us, believe the NSF certification that we received. We’ve assured that the Everpure water system is third-party tested and certified.

When it comes to changing the filter on the Everpure, don’t worry about forgetting to do it. Each cartridge includes a time strip filter. This filter monitors the system over time and can remind you when it’s time for a cartridge replacement. Everpure replacement cartridges are available directly on our website.

Reusable Water Bottles

Apart from cartridge changes, another way to get the most out of your water system is by switching to reusable water bottles. We’ve already gone over how beneficial the Everpure system can be when it comes to reducing pollution and helping our environment. However to maximize those benefits you can invest in a reusable water bottle.

Bening able to take your bottle with you on the go is obviously a major benefit and may be a reason that many people are inclined to buy packs of plastic water bottles. However, with the combination of a reusable bottle and a high-quality drinking water system, you can have fresh water whenever you need and you don’t have to worry about having a harsh impact on the world around you.

Right here on our website, you can get your own Everpure drinking water system. We have options that hold anywhere from 300 gallons to 2,000 gallons. If you’re interested in reducing the plastic that you’re using or removing unwanted sources from your drinking water, you should look into an Everpure water system today. Browse our site and see all of the options we have available.