How to Install the Everpure H300 Drinking Water System

Here is a simple, step-by-step walkthrough to get you from start to finish on installing your new H-300 drinking water system.

You do not need to be a plumber to install an Everpure drinking water system.  Just a few tools and away you go.  Remember to leave yourself a minimum of 2 1/2" clearance underneath the filter for ease of cartridge change.  


H-300 filtration provides highly efficient protection from all types of water borne contaminants. Things like:

  • Harmful volatile organic chemicals
  • Chlorine
  • Dirt
  • Scale
  • And much more

The design of the H-300 makes it easy to install. It’s quick work for a contractor, but simple enough for even slightly handy homeowners to install without help.

Follow the instructions below on how to install an Everpure H300 drinking water system.

Here’s the installation in a nutshell.

What tools do I need to install the H-300?

  • A Philips screw driver
  • A standard wrench
  • A utility knife
  • A tape measure
  • A pencil

H-300 installation

  • Mount the unit
  • Hook up the water line that supplies it
  • Connect the H-300 output line (the blue rubber line) to its dedicated countertop faucet
  • Install and flush the cartridge and enjoy the fresh tasting water

Need more details? Sure!

Begin by choosing a mounting position under the sink with at least 22 inches of available clearance. To work properly, the H-300 must be installed vertically, with the cartridge hanging down.

Start mounting the filter head by adding the input and output fittings with Teflon tape. The output fitting is identified by the black band.

Mount the filter head.

Close the shut off valve before you hook up the faucet supply line, and add the H-300 valve attachment. Flexible tubing connects the valve adapter to the H-300 filter head. You can measure and cut the tube to your desired length. Make sure you cut the tube at a flat 90 degree angle.

Insert the tube ends in to the quick connect fittings.

The filtered water line to your new faucet is next. Put the faucet connector fittings on the faucet threads, then connect the water tube.

Lift the handle on the shut off valve on the filter head. Install the cartridge, then turn ¼ turn to the right. Open the supply line valve and the angle stop valve. Check for leaks on the fittings and open the valve on the filter head.

Open the faucet and let water pour for 3 minutes. Your water is now good to drink!

The H-300 can deliver water to multiple appliances simply by adding T-connectors where needed.

Enjoy your safe, clean water!