Need a Powerful Filter? Consider the Pentair Everpure E Series

Pentair Everpure E Series

When it comes to high quality home water filtration, it is hard to beat the Pentair Everpure filters that we offer. All of these filter systems are designed to be easy to install and to offer exceptional water quality for homeowners. Not all homes and businesses have the same water filtration needs, which is why we offer a wide range of different water filtration options here in our online store. If you need a filtration system that can handle a lot of use, then our Pentair Everpure E Series filters might just be the perfect solution.

When you consider the needs of an average home, you are looking at about 2.5, which for simplicity's sake we will round up to three people. Drinking that recommended 8 cups of water per day, that household is going to consume 1.5 gallons of drinking water per day. That is nearly 550 gallons of drinking water per household without factoring in the need for filtered water for guests, cooking, and other household tasks like making your morning coffee.

So obviously home filtration systems are going to need a high capacity or require several filter changes, but not all homes are going to fit this average and the filter systems that we offer are not only designed for residential use. In the case of a filter that is going to be used in a large home or a business setting, a higher filter cartridge capacity is going to be needed in order to ensure that users do not have to regularly replace their filter cartridges.

If you are looking for a water filter that can handle this kind of high capacity, then the Pentair Everpure E Series filters that we offer are a great choice. These systems are designed to fit in the same area as the other residential systems that we offer, but with a few additional features including high capacity filter cartridges.

They also come with the huge benefit of being full flow systems. This means that the installation process does not require adding a dedicated faucet for dispensing filtered water. Instead, the filtered water is routed directly to the cold water side of the existing faucet, providing the convenience of freshly filtered water without the need to change the look and feel of your kitchen.

The most compact of the E series filters that we offer is the Everpure EF-1500 filtration system. This filter has a compact size at only 15", making it ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium. Each filter cartridge is designed to handle 1500 gallons of water during its lifespan and can be installed as easily as installing a lightbulb.

The Micro Pure media inside the filter cartridge, like all of our Everpure systems, is designed to capture extremely small contaminants. These cartridges are able to remove these small particles while still offering an impressive flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute, roughly equivalent to a standard kitchen faucet. After the cartridges filter roughly 1500 gallons of water, the flow rate from the system will begin to slow down and require replacement.

If you need a larger capacity system, then the EF-3000 is the next step up. These filters have a larger design like some of our other popular Everpure home filtration systems. This means that the system itself will be roughly 20 inches, hitting into the same area as the popular Everpure H Series filters that we offer. The higher capacity on these machines also makes them the perfect choice for anyone in need of a dedicated filter for appliances like ice makers, coffee makers, and other kitchen applications.

Like all of our Everpure Systems, the EF-3000 is designed to be extremely easy to install and use. No need to call a plumber, anyone can install one of these filters using only a few simple hand tools in about 30 minutes. All you have to do is install the filter itself on the inside of the faucet cabinet and then install an adapter to the cold water line. This means that anyone who wants to enjoy the convenience of having freshly filtered water available on tap can do it without having to modify their kitchen.

Finally the largest of our residential Pentair Everpure E Series filters is the EF-6000. As the name suggests, this system is capable of filtering 6000 gallons of water with a single cartridge. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone who needs to filter a large amount of water. When you consider the cost of the cartridge the savings can be huge.

Each EF-6000 cartridge currently costs about $80. When you consider that you will get about 6000 gallons of water from that one cartridge, you are looking at a cost of only $0.013 cents per gallon! That is an incredible savings when compared to the cost of buying filtered drinking water from a store. With that kind of savings, the EF-6000 is a clear choice for anyone who needs to filter large amounts of drinking water.

One of the best things about using one of these Pentair Everpure E Series systems is the fact that they are flexible. If you order the EF-1500 and it requires more frequent cartridge replacements that you would like, then it is easy to upgrade to a cartridge with a larger capacity. In the case of the EF-1500 this will require raising the filter head to accommodate the larger cartridge size, but in most cases a simple swap is all it will take.

If you have any questions about our Pentair Everpure E Series filtration systems or any of the other drinking water filters that we offer, feel free to reach out to one of our filtration specialists. We are always available to make sure that our customers have the perfect filtration solutions to meet their needs.