Reasons You Should Have a Fountain Beverage Water Filtration System

fountain beverage water filtration

Anyone who owns a business that uses a fountain beverage machine can benefit from having a dedicated filtration system. These systems are designed to improve the safety and quality of your drinking water, which will also improve the quality of any beverages made with that water. If you have been considering adding a fountain beverage water filtration system to your machine, there are a number of other benefits to consider.


One thing to consider when it comes to any appliance in your business is wear or tear. Whether it's a beverage fountain behind the counter at a restaurant or a machine in a convenience store, there's going to be wear and tear overtime. While you might notice some wear and tear on the outside of your machine, water can cause plenty of issues inside the machine as well.

If you have hard water in your area, then scale buildup is going to be a big problem for any appliance that uses water. Overtime, metallic ions like calcium and magnesium collect into hard salt deposits known as limescale buildup. While most noticeable around faucets, scale buildup can happen inside of your fountain beverage dispenser, causing some serious damage.

While descaling compounds can help to combat scale build up, they can also leave chucks of scale behind. One of the only ways to actively avoid scale-related issues is to use a fountain beverage water filtration system that will help to soften water and prevent scale from building up in the first place. With the right filtration system, you can significantly reduce the need for machine maintenance and keep your machine running smoothly.

Ease of Use

When it comes to choosing a fountain beverage water filtration system, it's hard to beat the options we have available from Everpure. One of the biggest advantages of using an Everpure water filtration system is their universal heads and their huge selection of different cartridges. Because of Everpure's universal filter head design, purchasing an Everpure system for your business is an investment. If you want to upgrade at any time, you can do so by switching to a new cartridge rather than replacing the existing system.

No matter which cartridge you are using for your fountain drink system, the process of maintaining the system is simple. All you have to do is swap out the cartridge every six months or whenever the pressure in the system drops too low. The process of changing the cartridge is as easy as flipping two valves, unscrewing the old cartridge, screwing the new one in, opening the valves, and running some water through the new cartridge to remove the air. This process takes only a few minutes and will provide your customers with 6 more months of clean and refreshing drinks.


The safety of your water is another huge benefit that comes with using a filtration system. All of Everpure's cartridges come with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certifications. These different certifications detail exactly what size and type of waterborne contamination that a cartridge is capable of removing.

The fact that these certifications come from the NSF carries a lot of weight. The NSF is a globally recognized accredited organization that specializes in testing consumer products to make sure that they meet rigorous standards. This means that if you use an NSF certified filtration system in your business, you can prove the safety of your water.

This also means that your business is safe if there are any water related issues in your area. If you have filtered fountain drinks and ice, you can protect yourself from the liability of anyone claiming that your drinks are contaminated or caused illness.

Often businesses and restaurants with NSF certified water filtration will be approved by local health authorities to continue to operate even when there are boil water advisories in effect. This is important, especially for businesses that need to be open and supporting their clients.


Consistency is one of the most important reasons to invest in a filtration system, but it is also one of the most overlooked. Almost all major bottling plants begin with filtered water. That is one of the reasons why a soda tastes the same every time you drink it. Customers will expect consistency from their fountain drinks if you have multiple locations, and using filtered water will ensure that no matter where a customer places an order, they receive similar tasting beverages.

Even if you only have one location, the quality of your water can vary dramatically throughout the day. Throughout the day, the levels of sanitation compounds in your water, which can cause chlorine taste and odor, vary. In some areas, a beverage purchased in the morning and an evening can taste very different. One of the best ways to eliminate this variation is to use filtered water. This will ensure that your customers always get to enjoy the same, great tasting drinks.

Finding the Right System

We have a variety of different fountain beverage water filtration systems to choose from depending on the needs of your business. These systems can hold anywhere from a single cartridge to several cartridges to provide thorough filtration to larger systems. You will also be able to find fountain systems designed specifically for cold, carbonated drinks as well as general beverage machine filters.

If you need any help finding the perfect filtration system to meet your needs, our team is here to help. We have been working with Everpure systems for years and our filtration experts are always happy to provide outstanding service to our customers. Whether you are looking for a new filtration system or you are considering switching to a new filtration cartridge, we are always happy to provide you with our advice.