The Everpure H300 Filter: The Perfect Place to Start

Everpure H300 Filter

Home water filtration has become a staple in many homes and businesses across the country. This is because the simple act of adding a filtration system to your home is one of the best ways to know for certain that you are always enjoying clean and safe drinking water. If you are considering adding a filter to your home or upgrading your current filtration system, then our Everpure H300 filter is the perfect place to start. These filters are designed to be easy to use and, most importantly, to offer incredible drinking water quality.

Homeowners have to deal with a wide range of different water quality issues. Some of the most obvious issues are ones that will have a direct impact on the appearance, smell, or taste of your water. When these odors and tastes are foul, they are usually caused by microbes and organic debris in the water. Other times a chemical taste or smell can be caused by improper amounts of sanitizing chemicals like chlorine. Having a quality filtration system can prevent water quality issues from both of these sources while also helping to protect you against contaminants that can not be as easily detected.

This includes heavy metals and other contaminants that can have a negative impact on health. Many of these substances have no taste or odor, so testing your water is the only sure way to know whether or not they are present. Sadly water testing can only provide a snapshot of water quality. Our ability to move clean water via our infrastructure is an amazing feat, but sadly it's not perfect. Things like leaks and aging pipes can have a huge impact on your water. The only way to ensure proper water quality is to filter it directly prior to consumption.

Everpure water filters are one of the best options for home drinking water filtration. Not only have these filters been designed to be extremely user friendly, but they also offer amazing results. These filters are designed to be installed underneath your kitchen sink so they will not take up room in your fridge or anywhere else in your kitchen. They also hook directly into your home water line. Because home water lines operate under a water pressure of roughly 60 to 70 PSI, these filters are able to use extremely fine filter media and filter water more efficiently than pitcher filters and other unpressured systems.

When we are asked to recommend a filtration system, the Everpure H300 filter is usually where we start. This filter is one of the most popular Everpure home filtrations systems for a good reason, it is simple and effective. The system can be installed underneath your kitchen sink even if you don't have any prior plumbing experience. This system will also require the installation of a dedicated faucet for dispensing filter water. This may require adding a hole to your faucet or countertop. This is the biggest step to adding one of these systems to your kitchen and it gives you the ability to have filtered water available on demand while also making it easy to use your sink as you normally would for cleaning tasks.

What makes the entire system work is its filter cartridge. The Everpure H300 filter cartridge contains a carbon based filtration media. This material is arranged along a pleated filtration membrane that helps to provide ample surface area within the cartridge itself. Carbon based filtration also offers many benefits because activated carbon has a huge surface area. Every tiny grain of carbon is covered in microscopic hills and valleys that help to capture contaminants.

This means that the H300 cartridge is capable of removing contaminants from your water as small as 0.5 microns in size. That is so small that it is hard to even provide a sense of scale. Try looking at a single strand of hair and imagine something 100 times smaller than that hair's width. The fine filtration abilities of these cartridges also means that they are rated to remove parasitic cysts and lead from your drinking water. The proficiency of carbon media at removing chemical contaminants also makes these filters perfect for removing sanitizing chemicals or organic compounds that might be present in your water.

In addition to offering excellent water quality, these filtration systems are also designed to be extremely easy to use and maintain. Every H300 cartridge is designed to filter roughly 300 gallons of water per cartridge. Every cartridge should be replaced at least once per year to maintain optimal system performance. If the flow rate from the filter has noticeably decreased before a year has passed, then you will need to change the cartridge sooner. The replacement process only takes a few minutes and is as simple as replacing a lightbulb.

If you find yourself replacing cartridges too frequently, then the solution to your problem is simple: get a higher capacity replacement cartridge. The filterheads used by Everpure systems are largely standardized. As long as you are not upgrading to a Pro Series cartridge, it should be easy to replace the cartridge with a new one that will last you a full year. If you ever need any help finding the right upgraded replacement cartridge, our Everpure specialists are always here to assist you.

Water quality is important and that's why our team has spent years researching the best water filters to add to our store. If you are interested in adding one of these filtration systems to your home, we have plenty of great options for you. Our team has specialized in Everpure water filtration systems for years and we are always happy to help our customers find the drinking water solutions that they need. If you have any questions about the Everpure H300 filter or any of the other products that we carry, please feel free to reach out to one of our filtration experts!