The H300 - Our Most Popular Everpure System


When it comes to Everpure water filtration systems, the H300 remains one of the most popular models on the market. This is the case for a reason, as this filter system offers the ideal balance between incredible filtration power and ease of use. If you are looking for a home water filtration system that you can rely on, the Everpure H300 is the perfect choice for your home.

The efficiency of Everpure systems is an obvious benefit. Many homeowners rely on cheap pitcher filters to filter their water. The loose filter media in these filters means that they are not rated to remove any specific size of particles from your water, it’s basically just luck that any sized particle is trapped by the filter media. Everpure systems are rated to remove contaminants as small as 0.5 microns in size, which is one tenth the thickness of a human hair.

Everpure filter systems also mount conveniently under your kitchen sink. Unlike pitcher filters, you will not have to sacrifice the room in your fridge just to enjoy filtered water. Instead, the H300 system conveniently dispenses filtered water via a dedicated filtered water faucet.

Adding the H300 to your home is an incredibly simple process. The most difficult part of the process is finding a place for your new filtered water faucet. Many sinks on the market include additional holes for installing additional components like filtered water faucets, soap dispensers, and hot water faucets. If you sink does not have one of these additional holes, it is also shockingly easy to add a hole yourself, especially if you have access to a power drill and a set of knockout punches, which make adding clean holes to a metal sink a quick and easy process. You can easily acquire a set of these punches from tool retailers like Home Depot and Harbor Freight.

Once you have a hole for your new faucet, the rest of the installation process is a breeze. All you have to do is screw the filter head into the inner wall of the cabinet beneath your sink, leaving ample room for installing the filter cartridge, and add the angle stop valve adapter to your sink’s cold water inlet. After completing these steps, you just have to cut the included hoses and attach them to the angle stop valve adapter, the filterhead, and the filtered water faucet as diagrammed in the included instructions.

Once you have completed installing your system, all you have to do is screw the filter cartridge into place and run the system for a few minutes to purge any air out of the lines and the cartridge itself. Every H300 filter cartridge can handle about 300 gallons of water. Obviously the quality of water can vary dramatically, meaning your filter cartridge could last you a few months or even an entire year.

We do recommend changing filters at least once per year, and Everpure filters come with a convenient timer strip to remind you when to change your filter. All you have to do is pinch a small bubble on the filter timer strip until a small red line appears. Over a year’s time, this red line will steadily expand across the white window on the strip. Once the strip is entirely red, it is time to replace your filter cartridge.

To give you an idea of just how efficient these filters are, let’s take a look at that 300 gallon capacity. 300 gallons is over 1000 liters and the average water bottle is half a liter/16.9 fluid ounces. That means that just one filter is the equivalent of over 2000 water bottles! That’s a lot of plastic saved from landfills and, with a convenient reusable bottle, you can avoid the cost of buying bottled water all together. For the sake of example, if you were to drink all of your daily water requirements in the form of $1 0.5 liter water bottles, you would be paying nearly $1500 a year. With an H300 water filter, you could get all of your year’s water from one cartridge and still be able to filter over 100 additional gallons of water.

So if you are ready to enjoy the convenience of having clean, filtered water available on tap 24/7, it’s time to consider adding an Everpure water filtration system to your home. Here at efilters, we offer a wide range of quality home drinking water systems including our Everpure H300 filtration system. If you would like more information about which of our filtration systems would be the best fit for your needs, we are always happy to help. You can reach a member of our friendly team of filtration specialists by sending your queries to