Upgrade Your Office Water Supply With the Everpure H300 Filter

Everpure H300 filter

You may want to make sure you invest in a quality filtration system if you want to supply your employees with the best possible drinking water. Purified water through a commercial-grade system may help make for a more pleasant work environment and healthier staff. In this article, we'll go further into how a water filtration system may improve your office's water quality and provide additional advantages for your company.

The best option to guarantee consistently great water quality is to install a home or workplace filtration system, such as an Everpure H300 filter. With this device, contaminants in your drinking water are removed or reduced to safe levels directly before consumption.

Many office fridge's contain a sleek looking filter pitcher. Most low-priced pitcher filters aren't even certified to remove particles of a specific size, since their loose filtering material enables the microscopic contaminants to flow through the cartridge. They're also gravity-powered, which doesn't exert much force on the filtering medium. Filter cartridges like the Everpure H-300 can handle the pressure of a typical home or office water system. By operating under pressure, their filtration efficiency is much higher than your average pitcher filter.

The filtering media of the Everpure H300 filter is set up in a very special way. The proprietary Micro-Pure filter material used in Everpure systems is laid out along a specially pleated membrane. Because of the increased surface area, water may be filtered quickly without sacrificing quality. All of Pentair's Everpure products have been tested and proven effective by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) in removing harmful contaminants, including parasitic cysts and heavy metals. These filtration systems give great-tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water by filtering out waterborne particles as tiny as half a micron.

Quick and Easy Setup
The installation of a water filter in your home or office may seem like a complicated job that calls for the expertise of a plumber, but you'll be surprised at how easy our Everpure water filters are to set up. If you don't mind using your hands, you may perform the job yourself with only a few basic tools, or hire a handyman to do it. The H300 system will require the installation of a dedicated filtered water faucet.

For your convenience, our catalog of Everpure systems includes a variety of full-flow filter configurations. Our full-flow systems are designed so that they may be used in conjunction with your current faucet's cold water side, eliminating the need for a second fixture.

Everpure H300 filter

Improving the Workplace Environment with Everpure H300 Filter
Your staff will appreciate the enhanced health and morale that comes from having access to clean, great-tasting drinking water thanks to your new and improved water filtration system. These cutting-edge water filters are an affordable and easy way to make your workplace more pleasant for your staff. There are several advantages to using filtered water in the workplace, including:

A better water supply is always going to be more refreshing and safer to drink, which contributes to a healthier and happier workforce. Water purification using our Everpure systems can also cut down on dissolved ions in the water. This can help to prevent scale build up in water-based appliances like kettles and coffee makers.

Workers who don't drink enough water throughout the day may be less productive than those who do, so encourage them to drink water throughout the day. Providing filtered and great-tasting water may encourage hydration in the workplace.

Water fountains and bottled water delivery services take up a lot of room, so it's important to find a space-saving alternative for your company. All of our faucet based Everpure filters are designed to mount in the cabinet below your sink, saving space by filtering water in an under-utilized area.

Hydration is the key to increasing alertness throughout the day, and maximizing productivity. Those who have their daily water needs met have a greater likelihood of being happy, healthy, and successful. These are essential for sustaining high levels of productivity and morale among your staff.

Drinking-Water Solutions Made Easy with efilters.net
It is essential to bear in mind that the quality of the water might differ from one zip code to the next and even from hour to hour. This is due to the levels of sanitation chemicals being used in local water treatment facilities. This can lead to water with a chemical taste and odor. Fortunately, the water issues you're experiencing may be resolved with the assistance of our Everpure filtration systems.

If you are interested in finding a filtration system for your office, we encourage you to look through our options. The Everpure H300 filter is a great option for offices because it uses a standard Everpure filterhead. This means that you have the option of upgrading to almost any Everpure filtration cartridge if your office's water needs increase or you need to address specific quality issues. If you need any more information about these filtration systems, feel free to reach out to one of our experts!