What Makes Everpure Water Filters Such An Amazing Option

We all need clean drinking water, but it tends to be a resource that many homeowners take for granted. No matter how your water looks and tastes, it’s impossible to know exactly what kind of contaminants are in your water without testing. Sadly even testing will only offer a snapshot of your water quality at any given moment. The only way to ensure consistent water quality is to install a home filtration system like one of our Everpure water filters. These systems filter your water immediately before consumption and can significantly decrease the amount of waterborne contaminants to safe levels.

Here at efilters, our team has worked with a wide range of filtration systems over the years. We know that every filtration system has its own advantages and disadvantages so it can be hard to find the perfect system for your home. Our inventory contains only Everpure products for a reason. We have found these systems to be the perfect filtration solution for homeowners.

Everpure filters are the one of the best home water purification system brands for a number of reasons. Obviously drinking water quality is the most important factor and Everpure filters offer some fantastic results. Beyond just the quality of your water, these filters are also designed to be extremely easy for homeowners to use unlike many of the budget systems on the market.

Common Filters
Some of the most common filtration options for homeowners are pitcher filters. You might even have one of these clunky filters already in our home or workplace. While these pitchers may seem convenient, they require a huge amount of maintenance and offer a practically negligible improvement to water quality.

Think about it, each of these filters can hold maybe a gallon or so of water. That means that the average household is going to drain the entire pitcher at least once per day. After taking the time to fill it up you then have to let it take up valuable fridge space. Once you finally need a drink you have to grab one of these heavy pitchers and manage to pour a glass without spilling.

On top of all of these issues, each pitcher cartridge only lasts an average of 40 gallons of water, meaning monthly replacements are typically required. Because these cartridges operate using only the weight of the water in the top of the pitcher, the media is loose and provides only limited filtration abilities. Everpure filters address many of these issues, which can help offer superior water quality without all of the work.

How Do They Work?
If you are considering an Everpure system for your home, you are probably wondering how they clean your drinking water. The basic concept of water filtration is a simple one. Water passes through a filtration media, the media removes contaminants from the water, and the water is ready to be consumed. While these basic steps are completed by every filter, including the pitcher systems described above. Everpure filters are designed to function out of the way and dispense their water via a dedicated dispenser faucet. This makes them as convenient as getting water directly from your sink.

In order to avoid taking up useful kitchen space while operating out of sight, Everpure’s home filtration systems are designed to mount underneath your kitchen sink. The filter head is screwed to the inside of the cabinet beneath your sink, leaving enough room to install the filter cartridge. A special adapter is also added to your sink’s cold water line to deliver water to the filter head. This means that you can continue to use your sink as you normally would while also always having freshly filtered drinking water on hand.

Filtration Quality
The most important consideration when choosing a filter system is its effectiveness. Most pitcher filters are not even rated to remove certain size particles because their loose filtration media can allow the occasional contaminant to easily slip through the cartridge. Everpure water filter cartridges are designed to operate under the pressure of a home water line. Because home filters operate around 40 pounds per square inch, the filter media inside that cartridge can be packed much tighter.

Everpure’s cartridges use their own proprietary Micro-Pure filter media. This carbon based filtration media acts like a sponge for waterborne contaminants. This is because every granule of activated carbon is covered in microscopic mountains and valleys, creating a much total surface area that is incredibly high. A small handful of activated carbon can have a surface area larger than an entire football field. This means that every cartridge has a huge internal surface area for soaking up and removing contaminants from your water.

Sadly inorganic contaminants are not the only thing to worry about when it comes to water filtration. In order to prevent the risk of bacteria growing in your cartridge, each Everpure filter contains a bacteriostatic element to help ensure that any bacteria that makes it into your cartridge will not be able to multiply. This means that the trapped bacteria will die instead of multiplying and negatively impacting your water quality. These cartridges are also designed to remove parasitic cysts and other organic contaminants.

Some of our most popular Everpure models are H series systems. The cartridges of these water filtration systems are designed to offer superior surface area and flow rate by using a pleated membrane coated in filter media that increases water flow and the surface area of the filter. The filter media can remove particles as small as 0.5 microns, which is 100 times smaller than the width of a strand of hair. This makes it easy to remove the contaminants responsible for bad tastes and smells in your water. They can also help to remove harmful contaminants like lead that cause no noticeable differences to the taste and odor of your drinking water.

Filter Systems that do not begin with “H” have a different arrangement of filtration media. These systems will have a carbon block filter instead of using a pleated membrane filter. This offers an incredible surface area, meaning that many of these filter cartridges can filter thousands of gallons of water per cartridge while offering the same incredible water quality. All of our Pentair Everpure products are NSF certified to reduce harmful contaminants including parasitic cysts and heavy metals. This commercial grade level of filtration offers great tasting water at a fraction of the cost of purchasing bottled water.

Adding a water filter to your home may seem like a task that would require a plumber’s assistance, but you would be surprised to find out just how easy our Everpure water filters are to install. A handyman can get the job done easily or you can install the filter yourself using only a few simple hand tools. The average Everpure system can be installed using only a screwdriver, a tape measure, a pencil, and a knife.

The most difficult part of the installation will be adding your water dispenser faucet. This process typically requires adding a hole to your sink or countertop, which can take special tools. Luckily, our selection of Everpure systems contain a number of full flow filter options. Our full flow systems are designed to use your existing faucet instead of requiring you to add an entire second faucet.

Full flow systems are installed using a special adapter on the cold water side of your faucet. These adapters divert the full flow of your water line instead of just moving a portion of it to the filter. After passing through the cartridge, the water goes back to the other side of the adapter and is dispensed by your faucet. This makes it easy to keep the look and feel of your kitchen the same while also providing the same exceptional water quality as other Everpure models.

No matter what system you are using, the final step will always be filter installation. It is important that every system has a little extra space beneath it to facilitate cartridge replacement. Everpure filter cartridges are designed to screw into place quickly like a lightbulb. All you have to do is screw the filter into place and run the system for a few minutes. The process of running water through the cartridge will help to purge any water from the system to ensure that it functions perfectly.

Unlike most home water filters, your Everpure water filter will require almost no maintenance once it has been installed. The water filter cartridges can handle anywhere from 300 to 3000 gallons of water or more. This means that most of these cartridges can meet the drinking water requirements of a household for at least an entire year.

We recommend that you instal a water filter replacement annually no matter how much water you consume or the capacity of your filter cartridge. This will help ensure that your filter system continues to function properly. If you notice that the flow rate from your system has significantly decreased before a year has passed, this may be a sign that it is time to replace your filter cartridge.

Luckily the annual task of replacing your filter cartridge is a quick and simple one. All you have to do is flip the shutoff valve on your filter head to temporarily stop the flow of water to your cartridge. Once the water flow has been shut off, you can unscrew and replace the cartridge. Once your new filter cartridge is in place, all you need to do is run the system for a few minutes like you did when you first installed the system. Once this process is complete, you can keep enjoying the convenience of having filtered water on tap 24/7.

Not only do our Everpure water filters offer incredible filtration benefits, but they also offer a great savings over purchasing bottled water. Bottled water is obviously safe to drink, but at $1 or more per bottle, the costs can quickly add up. If you drank just one bottle of water per day, you will end up spending hundreds of dollars per year. In a larger household that number might even reach upwards of $1000 per year! An Everpure filter system and a reusable water bottle can easily cut those costs down to a fraction of the cost of buying water by the bottle.

Another benefit of using one of these filters is the fact that they will cut down on your use of disposable plastic bottles. Consider the H300 water filter, which has the smallest capacity of our systems at 300 gallons per cartridge. Every cartridge can produce enough filtered water to fill over 22 hundred 16.9oz bottles of water! If you bought 24 packs of water bottles at $10 a pack, that single cartridge can filter enough water to fill almost 100 cases while only costing $65. Once you move up to cartridges with larger capacities like the EF 6000 water filter, you can filter roughly 1000 cases worth of water bottles with a single cartridge.

If you are looking to provide freshly filtered water to your household and save big over the cost of bottled water, our team is here to help you. All of our Everpure water filter systems are designed to offer crisp, filtered water whenever you need it. If you need any help finding the perfect filtration solution for your home, all you have to do is contact a member of our team by email to info@efilters.net. We are always happy to help our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with pouring yourself a glass of freshly filtered water.