What Makes Pentair Cartridge Filters so Efficient

Over the years, we have seen a lot of different filter systems and we narrowed our scope to the Everpure systems by Pentair that we currently offer. There are a lot of different reasons that lead to homeowners to want a filter installed in their home and today we will be looking at what makes Pentair cartridge filters a great choice for homeowners.

A Brief Look at Our Filters

Our Everpure home filtration systems are designed to mount underneath your kitchen sink. This means that they can be added to almost any home without taking up too much space in your refrigerator and other valuable areas in your kitchen. Their location under your sink also means that you can enjoy the convenience of having freshly filtered water available in the same space you would use to fill a glass with tap water.

All of our home Pentair cartridge filters are designed to dispense their filtered water using a small, dedicated filtered water faucet. There are a wide variety of small gooseneck faucets available, so it is easy to find an option that will match the rest of your kitchen fixtures. For homeowners who do not want to add extra fixtures to their kitchens, we also carry a number of full flow filtration options. These systems dispense their filtered water using the cold water side of your existing faucet, meaning there is no need for additional hardware.

Real Results

On top of being convenient to use, these filters also offer some great results. Every Everpure filter cartridge contains Pentair’s proprietary Micro-Pure filtration media. This carbon based material is incredibly efficient when it comes to removing waterborne contaminants. The high surface area means that every cartridge can remove particles as small as 0.5 microns from your drinking water.

This includes removing the contaminants that are responsible for foul tastes and odors, as well as cloudiness. These filter cartridges can also significantly lower levels of dangerous heavy metals like lead from your drinking water. Some Everpure cartridges are even designed to help combat lime build up and scaling on sink fixtures and appliances like coffee makers that use your tap water.

Easy To Install

So clearly these filter systems are designed to do their job, but you are probably wondering how much work it will take to get everything up and running. Most of our customers are surprised to learn that adding one of these filter systems does not require hiring a professional or having plumbing experience. All you need are a few basic hand tools and the included instructions to complete the installation.

Assuming that you are intending on installing a standard single Pentair cartridge filter system, like one of our popular H-series options, we’ll give you a rough idea of what it takes. The first step is to turn off the cold water side of your faucet and use a wrench to add the included adapter to the water line. After screwing the filter head into the inside of the cabinet at an appropriate height, you can screw your cartridge in place and attach the filter head to the water line adapter. Once this is done, all you have to do is connect the filter head to your filter water dispenser and run the system for a few minutes to purge any air. After your installation is complete, you can enjoy the convenience of always having freshly filtered water available on demand.

Ease To Operate

One of the biggest benefits to adding an Everpure filter system to your home is the low maintenance requirements. The cartridges used by these filtration systems can process hundreds to thousands of gallons of water depending on the model being used. Most cartridges last a full year before they need to be replaced. Occasionally your system’s flow rate may begin to decrease before a year has passed, signalling that it’s time for a cartridge replacement.

The process of replacing one of our Everpure cartridges is about as difficult as changing a lightbulb. All you have to do is flip the shutoff valve on the head, unscrew the old cartridge, screw in the new one, and reopen the value. The entire process takes only a minute, followed by a few minutes to purge air like the initial installation. This simple annual maintenance process is typically all your system will need to keep providing your household with freshly filtered water. No daily refills or monthly maintenance required!

If you are ready to start enjoying the convenience of having clean water available 24/7, then one of our Pentair cartridge filters is the perfect solution. If you need help finding the perfect system for your home, one of our filtration experts would be happy to help!