Everpure QC7i Quad XCLM+ Water Filter System - EV976114-Efilters.net

Everpure QC7i Quad XCLM+ Water Filter System - EV976114

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Our new CLM systems are specifically designed to reduce chlorine and chloramines for fountain pop applications.  The XCLM cartridge is an upgrade from the 7CLM, for greater flow rates and capacity.

Here is a link to the replacement cartridge for this system.

Comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty

Meets the requirements of the Coca-Cola® North America (CCNA) Base Filtration Water Treatment Standards as third-party tested by NSF International
Capacity: 37,200 gallons
Maximum Flow: 8.00 gpm
Certifications: NSF/ANSI Certified Standard 42

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