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Everpure AC Water Filter Cartridge (1 pk) - EV960111, EV960112

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The AC replacement filter cartridge was originally developed for the recreational vehicle market.  The filter was called a QC2-AC.  It was original equipment in many boats and motor homes.

Today, the AC filter has many versatile applications; all of them being for drinking water.  This compact filter can be found on water coolers, water fountains and RV's.  If you are tight on space, this is a very compact unit.

If you require greater capacity, and have the room, the 4C cartridge is the upgrade cartridge.


    • Capacity: 750 gallons (2,840 L)
    • Flow Rate: 1/2 GPM
    • Certifications: NSF/ANSI Certified Standard 42 & 53
    • Bottled Water Equivalent: 5680 x 500 ml bottles

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