A Look At The Everpure H104 System

Here at efilters, we are proud to offer our quality Everpure drinking water systems. Drinking water is an essential resource and you cannot always count on the fact that your tap water is actually safe to drink. Adding a dedicated home water filtration system is the perfect way to get the peace of mind you need when to grab a drink. Today we will be taking a look at our Everpure H104 drinking water system.

The Everpure H104 has a lot of features that make it an ideal system for your home. Like every Everpure system we offer, the H104 is easy to install and maintain. It also provides the high level of filtration you need to know that your water is free from harmful levels of chemical and biological contaminants. They are also full flow systems, which many homeowners prefer.

Full flow means that water is dispensed from your existing faucet. Most Everpure filtration systems will require you to add a filtered water faucet to your kitchen. This means that you would have to add a hole to your sink or countertop before installation. Instead of requiring you to add a hole to your counter, the H104 will dispense its filtered water from the cold water side of your current faucet.

Another huge factor with these systems is the fact that they are extremely efficient. A typical water pitcher filter is only going to remove particles as large as 50 microns in size. This is about the thickness of a human hair. An Everpure water filter cartridge is designed to filter out particles as small as 0.5 microns in size. That is 100 times the filtration power. Part of the reason these filters are so efficient is the fact that the cartridge operates under pressure. This means the filter media can be much finer without clogging.

The H104 filter contains Everpure’s Micro-Pure filter media. This fine blend contains carbon and other proprietary ingredients to create an extremely fine media with a high surface area. On a microscopic scale, the incredible surface area of this material serves as a sort of sponge for soaking up contaminants. The media in these filters is arranged in a pleated design to increase the surface area and allow for water flow throughout the filter. These filters also include a bacteriostatic agent that prevents captured bacteria from multiplying within the filter over time.

One of the most daunting things about buying a home water filtration system is the installation process. Luckily you don’t have to be a professional plumber, or even particularly handy, to install an Everpure system. All you need to install an Everpure H104, you will need a philips head screwdriver, a wrench, a tape measure, a utility knife, and a pencil.

The first thing you will need to do is turn off the water. Next, all you have to do is screw the filter head in place at the appropriate height(to allow for filter changes) and add the water flow adapter to your water line. Once this is complete, you simply cut the hoses provided and attach them as demonstrated in the instructions. The last step is to insert the filter cartridge, turn your water back on, and run the system for a few minutes to purge any air from the lines.

Once your installation is complete, you shouldn’t have to touch your system for at least a year. The Everpure H104 cartridge is designed to filter 1000 gallons of water. While this large cartridge capacity should last you the full year, it may need to be changed earlier if you notice the flow rate from your filter decreasing. Luckily, the process of changing your filter cartridge is as simple as changing a lightbulb. All you will have to do is flip the shutoff valve on the filter head, unscrew the cartridge, screw in your replacement cartridge, and run the system again as you did for the initial installation. This annual maintenance process only takes a minute or two, versus the daily requirements of the average pitcher system, which can save you a lot of time in the long run.

So if you are looking for an excellent filtration system to provide clean, filtered water, the Everpure H104 might be the perfect solution for your home. These virtually maintenance-free filtration systems will provide your water without changing the appearance of your kitchen at all. If you have any questions about the H104 or any of our other Everpure products, you can reach a member of our efilters team by email at info@efilters.net. We are happy to help you find the perfect water filtration system for your home!