Why Have a Home Water Filtration System? Choose the H104 Water Filter

Clean water is vital to our health: we need it for drinking, cooking, and showering. Using a water filtration system in your home is a safe and effective way to ensure you have a good supply of pure water. Filtering water (like with the Everpure H104 water filter) removes bacteria, metals, chemicals, and other contaminants that can found in tap water, even if it passes through a water treatment facility where you live.

Safer Water:

Tap water (and bottled water) usually comes from water treatment plants in your area. These facilities tend to add chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine as a treatment method. Home water filtration systems remove them -- and over 2,000 other toxins -- to provide you with clean, pure water. If you need to take water on the road with you (e.g. for sporting events or picnics), use filtered water from home to be safe.

Filtered water tastes better

Improved Taste:

By removing elements (such as lead, chlorine and other bacteria), home water filter systems improve the overall purity and smell of your drinking water. This results in better tasting water.

Cost Savings:

Using a water filter system instead of buying bottled water can save you money. Statistics Canada says that about three in 10 Canadian households use bottled water as their main source of drinking water at home. If you have kids, chances are you’re even more likely to rely on bottled water for your daily intake.

Take a look on these costs for basic water, based on a Canadian family of four:

  • 12 bottles consumed per day
  • Cost for one week = approximately $17.50
  • Cost for one year = over $900

A popular French brand of still water costs even more:

  • Six 330-ml bottles = $8.29
  • If three bottles consumed per day, cost for one week = $29 a week
  • Cost for one year = over $1,500

Cost savings can also be found in plumbing repairs. The heavy metals, chemicals, and minerals in unfiltered water can cause damage to your pipes and possibly various household appliances (such as dishwashers and laundry machines). A filtration system provides cleaner fluid and eliminates the possibility of needing any plumbing repairs.

Water filters reduce landfill waste

Protect the Environment:

By using a home water filtration system, you eliminate the waste produced by bottled water and help protect the environment. Ottawa-based Polaris Institute (a non-profit organization that challenges the influence of corporations on government and public policy) estimates only 14 percent of plastic water bottles get recycled in Ontario. These water bottles end up in landfills, forests, lakes, and oceans. It takes the equivalent of approximately one-quarter of a bottle of oil to produce and transport each bottle of water to stores.

Potential Health Benefits

There are a number of ways clean water affects your health, including:

  • Digestive System: A large amount of water is required to keep the digestive system working properly. Consumption of filtered water prevents the excess absorption of sugars as well as harmful chemicals. This eventually promotes proper metabolism and regular bowel movements.
  • Nervous System: Filtered water is the key to avoiding problems with the nervous system. Many headaches (from tension to sinus headaches), can be alleviated, or lessened to some degree, by drinking cleaner water. Being dehydrated can also affect your concentration, the ability to see small print, and your capacity to comprehend anything you read. Drinking healthy, filtered water makes sense -- especially at work.

Filtered water is ideal for baby formula

  • Babies and Healthy Water: Between the ages of 6-12 months of age, it is not recommended for babies to drink water, as it can overhydrate their systems. Some women do not have the choice to breastfeed and rely on formula for their baby’s nutrition. Dry formula must be mixed with water, so it is best to used filtered water for optimum health and safety benefits for the infant.
  • Healthy Skin and Hair: A common side effect of bathing in hard water (i.e. where there is no water filter in place) is that your hair and skin appear dry and dull. The minerals in the water tend to build up on skin and hair. When you install a whole-home water filter that softens and purifies the water in your residence, everyone is getting truly clean in the shower. Without the build-up of minerals, hair and skin will feel soft, clean, and healthy. Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be minimized as well.
  • Detoxification: Kidneys need pure, fresh water to detoxify the body. Filtered water helps the kidneys rid the body of toxins and keeps your urinary system working well. It also reduces the risk of bladder infections and improves immunity.

Easy to install

Key features of an in-home water filtration system include:

  • Simple installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Commercial-grade canister
  • Produces great-tasting water
  • Eliminates earthy, fishy taste
  • Retains water’s natural minerals
  • Saves over 7500 bottles of water
  • Quick-change cartridge means never touching the filter

Select the right type of water filter system for your home with these tips:

Which type of water filtration system is best?

  • POE and POU Systems:  Point-of-Entry (POE) systems are installed at the point where the water supply enters the house and is connected to the water meter. This kind of water system treats all the incoming water before it goes into the individual supply lines that feed your laundry, bathrooms, outside faucets, and kitchen. POE systems often include softeners, large bed carbon filters, and remove sediment, taste, and odour.

Point-of-Use (POU) systems are installed in an individual source line ahead of (any or all of) the taps, faucets, and other dedicated outlets used to dispense water for drinking, cooking, or bathing. POU systems are often a combination of pre-filter, RO filter, and post-filter, to capture whatever escapes the POE system.

  • Water Contaminants: Find out what’s contaminating your water. This will help you decide if you need to target any specific contaminants when choosing a filtering system. Visible particles in your water can sometimes be rust or sediment. Houses that rely on wells often have bacteria in the water and need to be checked. If you want to test the water yourself, information is available on the Government of Canada website under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act Registry.
  • Affordability: Consider all the maintenance costs when deciding which system to install. All water filtration systems require the filters to be periodically replaced to function properly. This cost varies by manufacturer. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for details on how often the filters need to be changed and choose a system you can afford to maintain.

Great water quality is the secret ingredient that the world’s finest restaurants have known about for years. Now you can bring this commercial-grade standard into your own home. The importance of removing impurities that make water taste bad and can be harmful to your overall health is more important now than ever before.

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